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5 Mistake to be Avoid at Gym -Common Gym Mistakes

5 Common Gym Mistakes
5 Common Gym Mistakes

Common Gym Mistakes

This is common with everyone who joins a gym without any proper form of guidance or knowledge, so do not feel as if you are the only one. We have all made silly and stupid training mistakes from performing strange exercises that weren’t beneficial to our routine

 1. Not Tracking  your progress :

The Biggest mistake people make in gym is that not keeping track of there progress . Tracking your progress is very important because you can check your weight rise and how your strength is performing and if its increasing. just recording your personal bests/records on exercises in your phone or in a notebook and just you need to keep all you body gains tracks . is Common Gym Mistakes

 2. A limited Training Method :

The next  mistake new gym members make is to do with a limited training method. When you first starts lifting weights, your are training for the feeling and the pump instead of actually training for the results. some people perform the same heavy compound exercises day after day. Bench press. Squats. Dead lifts Etc.  They perform these exercises with the same weight load and even in the same fashion, Therefore the body is adapting and becoming used to the routine so the results will slow down. So i recommend you to try new position to exercise and increase the weight as much as you can. is Common Gym Mistakes

3. Not Using Gym Machine ( Equipment ) Correctly :

mistake new gym goers make is not using the equipment correctly.   Just because a machine says what its designed to train in its name doesn’t mean that it only has one use. Find new ways to train and new ways to use the equipment. YouTube is a great resource for learning visually how to perform exercises with the correct form and how to make use of gym equipment.

 4. Misunderstanding the per repetition ranges :

Every One might have heard that reps between 6-8 will make you gain mass, and  to become more cut you should perform reps in the 12+ range. This is a silly mistake many make. Higher reps will provide a much higher time under tension to allow for greater blood flow to expand the muscle cells and allow for greater growth compared to training at a low rep range.

 5. Not giving enough body rest time : 

The last mistake many people make is not giving enough rest.  Most people who are new to the gym are most excited to build there muscles , so the just focus on workout on daily  with providing proper rest to body.  expect results fast and want them fast growth. It’s important to understand that when we lift weights, we are damaging muscle tissue and that the damaged tissue can only repair itself in a resting state.  In fact, you’ll see greater results lifting 4-5 days a week with proper rest time for recovery. such as shoulders or legs, I recommend allowing a recovery time of 48-72 hours.


Therefore these are 5 simple common mistake made by new gym joiner. is Common Gym Mistakes




6 Reason ( Benefits ) to drink beer

1 Reason ( Benefits ) to drink beer cover
Reason ( Benefits ) to drink beer cover

In this blog we will know  6 Reason ( Benefits )  to drink beer

 6 Reason ( Benefits ) to drink beer

Here are six ways beer can keep you healthy

 1. Beer is good for your heart :

According to Harvard University,  more than 100 studies found an association between moderate drinking and a 25 to 40 percent reduced risk of heart attack or death from cardiovascular disease.

 2.  Reduce Cholesterol :

A study recently found that moderate( average amount ) beer consumption can increase HDL, or healthy cholesterol.

 3. Improves Bone Density :

Studies have found that beers have a high amount of silicon, which contributes to bone and connective-tissue health.   dietary silicon was crucial for bone and skeletal tissue strength. Beer contains a high level of malted barley’s and hops. Both these foods are the rich sources of silicon. According to the National Institutes of Health, dietary silicon is important for the growth and development of bone and connective tissue and it helps reduce the risk of bone thinning disease.

4. Reduces Diabetes  :

15 studies on moderate alcohol consumption and Type 2 Diabetes risk, the American Diabetes Association found a 30 percent reduced risk of type 2 diabetes . It’s important to note that a standard 12-ounce ( 350 ml ) beer contains about 14 grams of alcohol—so drink responsibly if you want these health benefits.

5. Beer prevent you from kidney Stone :

While some people worry beer can cause kidney stones, other people have heard that beer helps kidney stones.So, is it true? , some research showing that drinking in moderation can prevent the formation of kidney stones.  One study found that beer intake has an inverse relationship with this painful ailment, with each bottle consumed per day estimated to reduce your risk for it by 40 percent.

6. Stay more Regular to your workout schedule :

Whether you believe it or not, but scientific studies have proved that drinking moderately (a glass of beer) makes you more regular to your workout schedule.


This are the 6 Reason ( Benefits ) you should start to drink beer.  but don’t be  alcoholic , Limited consumption of beer is good , but not cross the limit.

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Why Sugar is bad and 5 top natural sugar

Natural sugar and why sugar is bad for health
Natural sugar and why sugar is bad for health



In this Blog post we will know Why sugar is bad to our body and 5 top natural sugar that you need.

What is Sugar ?

Sugar, Sugar is generic name of sweet-tasting carbohydrates.

Sugar now a days is a product  used to make other sweet products, Therefore 60 % of Deceases in our body is due to consuming lots of sugar on daily bases.

Because people think sweetness can only be got from adding sugar, This is not true.

Note: Remember that natural sweet & sugar are both two separate thing.

sweet product which made of Natural sweet, are healthy .

sweet product which made of Artifical sugar , are unhealthy.


University of California , Professor Robest Lustig  studies about medical and health related topic ,He  Says that sugar in our body works same as Alcohal , Sugar is very dangerous. Robest Lustig is the one who took action not to use sugar in  produce sweet.

Deceases caused by consuming more sugar  produce 

  1. Diabetes
  2. High Blood pressure
  3. Fat
  4. Weight Gain
  5. Sexual Weakness
  6. Heart Deceases and more

Lets Know Why sugar is so harmful

As you know that Sugar is made from Sugarcane. you might ask me question that sugarcane  have many benefits and high in nutritions  in it, and it’s true,

But In the process of  preparing sugar using sugarcane all the nutrition found in sugarcane is destroyed and in turn in sugar factory they add some harmful chemicals into sugar.  so sugar is very dangerous to health.

If We see in sugar, other then sweetness and chemical there is nothing in sugar rather, that means in sugar we can’t find  : Vitamin , Protein , minerals is 0 %.

Here are 5 top sugar substitutes( Natural sugar )

5 top sugar substitutes( Natural sugar )

 1. Raw Honey              honey raw honey natural sugar

2. Stevia 

Stevia natural sugar


3. Dates


dates_natural sugar


4. Coconut Sugar 


Coconut Sugar  natural


5. Maple syrup 



Conclusion :

Therefore in this blog we learned Why Sugar is bad and 5 top natural sugar

What Happens To Your Body If You Eat Eggs Every Day

Eat Eggs Every Day
Eat Eggs Every Day

See What Happens To Your Body If You Eat Eggs Every Day.

Eggs are one of the healthiest foods on Earth, They are cheap and easily available , They are also rich in essential nutrients which our body requires on a daily basis.  Eat Eggs Every Day

Our body produces 11 essential fatty acids on its own, but eggs contain the 9 missing fatty acids our body needs.

Lacking these 9 essential fatty acids is not a simple problem and may be responsible for headaches, muscle mass and weakened immune system. Therefore it is  recommend consume eggs every day if you want your body functioning properly.  Eat Eggs Every Day


Eggs are rich in choline, a powerful compound which is essential for proper cognitive function. According to several studies, choline deficiency can increase the risk of dementia (Memory loss ) , Alzheimer’s and other neurological disorders as well as cognitive impairment.


As we mentioned before, eggs contain essential fatty acids which can improve your mental health and stimulate the production of serotonin, a neurotransmitter responsible for feeling calm and good you feel healthy .


Consuming only a couple of eggs a day can fight infections as they are rich in selenium, a compound which is vital for your immune system and regulates the function of your thyroid.


The notion that eggs are bad for your health due to the high cholesterol content isn’t true. One large egg contains 212 mg of cholesterol, but this doesn’t mean that eggs will raise the “bad” kind in the blood . Eggs can actually improve your cholesterol profile.


They contain numerous vitamins from the B group which are great for our skin and hair and for the proper function of our liver and eyes. Eggs are especially rich in vitamin B2 and B12, which are required for proper cognitive function and a healthy nervous system. B-complex vitamins are also necessary for healthy skin, hair, eyes, and liver.


They are rich in 2 powerful antioxidants known as lutein and zeaxanthin, which improve your vision and maintain your eye health. Besides this, they significantly reduce the risk of age-related macular degeneration as well as cataract.  Eat Eggs Every Day


They are a highly satiating food which will make you feel full for longer and prevent you from overeating. They are the perfect breakfast food – according to a study, people who eat eggs for breakfast consume fewer calories later in the day. You’ll Lose Fat % .

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