30 minutes cardio exercises at home best workout for weight loss

circuit-training-cardio-not-running cardio exercises
circuit-training-cardio-not-running cardio exercises


With regards to intense abundance fat, you will be able to do a customary cardio workout or you can accomplish one thing additional serious and fulfilling. The exercise to a lower place will wreck to three hundred 300 calories in a half-hour ( 30 min)  or less if done right. On the off likelihood that you simply can doubtless drop some fat, you’ll do that exercise three times every week instead of your cardio exercise session.

You Can perform this listed cardio exercise at home or even at the gym this all cardio exercise needs only 30 minutes of your whole day.

The Cardio workout at home for men as well as women

1.) = 30 Jumping Jacks.
2.) = 100/200 jump rope (skipping)
3.) = 25 High Knees.
4.) = 10 Burpees.
5.)  = 15 Crunches.
6.)  = 15 Squats.
7.)  = 10 Push Ups
8.)  = 10 Crunches
9.)  = Star jumps+squats

10.) = 10 Squats
11.)  = 30 Jumping Jacks
12.)  = 1 Minute Wall Sit
13.)  = 10 Push Ups
14.)  = 25 High Knees

1.  Jumping Jack Cardio workout

jumpjack cardio exercises
jumping jack cardio exercises

In these cardio exercises, you just need to jump high as you can and come back to the normal position, this exercise is a benefit for weight loss. perform this with a set of 30 to 40 jumps

2. Push-ups

full body workout at home pushups
full body workout at home pushups

Perform this with a set of 10 to 15 pushups.

3. Rope Jump or Skipping cardio workout

skipping cardiovascular exercises
skipping cardiovascular exercises

This exercise will raise you heart bets, so I have listed this cardio exercise, Perform this exercise with jumps 100 to 200 jumps (skipping rope).

4. High Knees  morning cardio workout


cardio exercises will help you in weight loss at home or at gym cardio workout plan do this High Knees in the morning , perform the exercise with a set of 20 jumps.

5.  Burpees

burpees cardiovascular exercise workout
cardiovascular exercise workout

6. Abs Crunches

abs cruches
abs crunches

perform these exercises with 10 to 15 reps.


7. Star jumps+squats

star-jumps cardio workout training
star-jumps cardio exercises training

Perform these exercises with a set of 15 to 20-star jump exercises



This is the 14 steps you need to follow during your cardiovascular exercise non-stop( i.e after each set of workout cardio listed you may take rest of max 15 secs) top best fitness cardio exercises that you can perform as you morning workout or cardio workout routines.