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Your Gym Guides fitness trainer Application

We also have an Fitness Application Name:  “Gym Personal Trainer – A Perfect Fitness Coach” This application will allow you to achieve great results, within a short period of time.   Gym Personal Trainer – A Perfect Fitness Coach   Gym Personal Trainer – A Perfect Fitness Coach : Your fitness pal, It contains GYM exercises which you can add to your daily workout schedule. Helps you to create workout plan and works as your GYM trainer and coach.   Gym workout planner exercises for below parts.
  • – Abdominal
  • – Chest
  • – Biceps and Triceps
  • – Shoulders
  • – Legs
7 minutes workout – It helps to stay healthy with below 12 exercise programs.
  • – Jumping Jack
  • – Wall Sit
  • – Push Up
  • – Abdominal Crunches
  • – Step-ups onto a chair
  • – Squat
  • – Triceps dips on a chair
  • – Planks
  • – High Knees/running in place
  • – Lunges
  • – Push-ups and rotations
  • – Side Planks
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