5 day split workout for men to gain muscle mass

5 day split workout for men to gain muscle massss
5 day split workout for men to gain muscle massss

5 day split workout One of the most common splits used by bodybuilders these days are five-day splits. Not only does it allow for proper evaluation in each group of muscles, but this also helps the trainee to work at a much higher intensity as each group of muscles is exercised only once a week.

A typical 5 split workout will be like this:

  • DAY 3: PUSH
  • DAY 4: PULL
  • DAY 5: LEGS

DAY 1: UPPER STRENGTH ( Split Workout )

Bench Press 5 x 5 

The bench press is an upper-body weight training exercise in which the trainee presses a weight upwards while lying on a weight training bench.

Perform Bench press chest workout of 5 set with 5 reps


Military Press 4 x 8

The Military Press is a shoulder exercise that focuses primarily on the deltoids, rear deltoids, and triceps.

military press of set 4 and reps 8



Close-Grip Barbell Bench Press ( CGBP workout ) 4 x 6

Lie back on a flat bench. Using a close grip (around shoulder width), lift the bar from the rack and hold it straight over you with your arms locked. This will be your starting position. As you breathe in, come down slowly until you feel the bar on your middle chest.

CGBP of set 4 and Reps 6

PullUps 4 x 10

How to do Pullups For Beginners

Perform 4 sets of a pushup with 10 reps each


Barbell curls 3 x 10

The barbell curl is a basic bicep exercise that helps increase the size of the muscles.

Do 3 set of barbell curls either standing or seated which every with reps of 10 each

Best becips size Workout Combination back and biceps
Bicep curls with barbell



Dips 3 x 6

dip is an upper-body strength exercise. Narrow, shoulder-width dips primarily train the triceps, with major synergists being the anterior deltoid,

Do a chest dips workout of 3 sets and with 6 reps each set

Chest Dips workouts

DAY 2: LOWER STRENGTH (Split workout)

Squat 3x 15

The Squat is a lower-body exercise. You can do the bodyweight version, without added resistance (also called Bodyweight Squat or Air Squat), or with weights such as a barbell

Perform a squat of 3 sets with 15 reps each


squat exercise full body workout at home
Squats Exercise

Deadlift 3 x 6

The deadlift is one of the best deadlift exercise forms you can do to build up your strength and size, they literally work almost every single muscles in the body, you should really consider doing deadlift Grip exercise if you don’t already start.

Deadlift workout of 3 sets and 6 reps each

how to do perfect traditional deadlift exercise form exercise
traditional deadlift exercise

Lunges 4 x 8

lunge can refer to any position of the human body where one leg is positioned forward with knee bent and foot flat on the ground while the other leg is


lunges workout

Hamstring Curls 4 x 6

The hamstring curl, also called a leg curl, is an exercise that strengthens the hamstrings muscles.

Hamstring curls workout of sets 4 with 6 reps each

Hamstring Workout
Hamstring Workout

Calf Raise 4 x 10

check out different kinds of calf exercises

Calf Raise of 4 sets with  10 reps each set.

calf muscles exercises
calf muscles exercises


Day 3: Push (Split workout)

Incline Bench 3 x 10

If you want a full upper chest, you want to do a lot of incline bench pressing.

And if you’re going to do a lot of incline bench pressing, you want to make sure you’re doing it right.

Incline Barbell Bench Press chest workouts

 Shoulder Press 4 x 8

Best Exercise for Shoulder Deltoid Muscles

seated shoulder exercise push press

Skull crushers 3 x 8


Front raises shoulder  3 x 10

check out this post different kinds of shoulder workout 

front raises shoulder exercise


Lateral Raise  2 x 10

Lateral Raise one adjustment that will really make your deltoids pop.

dumbell lateral raise side raise shoulder exercise

Triceps Pushdown 3 x 12

Tricep Pushdowns are one of the first exercises most lifters learn, and for good reason.

The cable triceps pushdown exercise is the original version of triceps pushdown exercise that targets and builds stronger arms



Day 4: Pull

Lat Pull Down 3 x 10

The pulldown exercise is a strength training exercise designed to develop the latissimus dorsi muscle. It performs the functions of downward rotation and depression of the scapulae combined with adduction and extension of the shoulder joint.



Barbell curls 3 x 8

Best becips size Workout Combination back and biceps
Bicep curls with barbell


Cable row 3 x 12

he seated cable row develops the muscles of the back and the forearms. It’s often used in a beginners weight training program for the upper

lats workout


Hammer curls 3 x 12

Most weight-lifters focus on their biceps when working their arms; however, there are other important


Machine curls 3 x 12


face Pulls 3 x 12

The face pull might not be as glamorous as the bench or overhead press, but it’s one that should absolutely be part of your routine.

face pull
face pull


T-bar row  3 x 10

Position a bar into a landmine or in a corner to keep it from moving. Load an appropriate weight onto your end.

T bar
T bar



Day 5: legs

Leg extension 3 x 15

First choose your weight and sit on the machine with your legs under the pad


Leg press 4 x 12

sit down on the machine and place your legs on the platform directly in front of you at a medium (shoulder width) foot stance.

legs workouts

Romanian Deadlift (RDL workout) 3 x 8

Deadlift is one of the best deadlift exercise form you can do to build up your strength and  size,they literally work almost every single muscles in the body, you should really consider doing deadlift exercise,if you don’t already started.

Even if you are new ,you would have known about this extremely common deadlift exercise’s performed by bodybuilders or any average bodybuilder trainer.

romanian deadlift form exercise
How to Romanian deadlift form exercise properly

Hamstring curls 3 x 10

Hamstring Workout
Hamstring Workout

Standing calf raise 3 x 10

The standing calf raise exercise targets your calf muscles, particularly the larger, outermost muscle that is responsible for the shape and size of your calves.

calf muscles exercises
calf muscles exercises


Seated calf raises 3 X 12

Calf raises are a method of exercising the gastrocnemius, tibialis posterior and soleus muscles of the lower leg. The movement performed is plantar flexion, a.k.a. ankle extension.

Seated Calf Raise exercise