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biceps workout for bigger and super arms

Biceps Workout for Big Arms Look Big with Super Bicep

Biceps Workout So you’re looking for bicep workouts to turn those noodles like arms into huge, ripped arms ? then you are in the right place.

Biceps workout may not be a major muscle to prepare but rather it is a significant muscle to prepare. You need to prepare both of our short heads and long heads of biceps. Solid Biceps offer solidarity to your arms and offer solidarity to put more loads.

Standing Barbell Curls : 

How to perform Standing Barbell Curls ?

As it sounds .  you need to Stand with your feet a little wider that shoulder width while holding a barbell with an open-faced grip at thigh level.  Tuck your elbows into your sides and slowly ‘curl’ the weight up stopping just before you hit your chest.  Remember to keep your elbows pinned to your sides, there should be very little or no movement in your upper arms or shoulders, all the movement comes from pivoting your elbow.

Standing Barbell Curls
Standing Barbell Curls

No of Sets : 3

No of Rep : 15 , 10 , 10

Preacher Curls :

How to perform Preacher Curls ?

This activity requires a minister twist station, which are exceptionally basic at exercise centers. It’s a slanted cushion that you set your arms on to disconnect your biceps (and keep you from swinging your arms). There’s no swindling with exercise, so you’re truly going to feel the siphon in your biceps from this one. Movement is like the above activities, with the exception of Preacher twists you’re plunking down. Be extra mindful so as not to over-expand when bringing down the weight, as there is danger of smothering your elbow joints on the off chance that you drop the weight too rapidly or over-broaden.

precher curl
preacher curl

No of Sets : 3

No of Rep : 15 , 10 , 10



No of Sets : 3

No of Rep : 20 , 15 , 10

How to Do ?

  1. Sitting on a bench , keep your legs as shown in picture.
  2. keep you working hand on you legs , Hold a weight dumbbell with working hand at some position.
  3. Now Slowly Left you hand up words to make preasure on you biceps.
  4. then slowly bring hand down.
  5. Repeat for the recommended amount of repetitions.

Hammer curl

biceps Hammer curl
Hammer curl

No of Sets : 3

No of Rep : 12 , 10 , 10

How to perform hammer curl ?

  1. First of all stand on your feet and grab a dumbbell in both of your hands.
  2. While keeping your elbows locked in at your sides, slowly lift your left arm in an arc motion towards your left shoulder, isolating the bicep and squeeze the muscle.
  3. wait for few seconds and repeat this workout again.

Cable Seated Curl

cable seated biceps curls
cable seated biceps curls

No of Sets : 3

No of Rep : 10 , 8 , 8

How to perform cable seated curl ?

  1. First of all sit straight on the cable machine with a bar attached to the machine.
  2. Now Grab a bar with your underhand and then slowly raise it up towards your shoulders and give tension to your biceps and wait for few seconds.
  3. Comeback to normal position and repeat this workout again.

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