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Can we loss weight by doing exercise on empty stomach

fasted exercise to loss weight

Going Gym on regular basic to acheive our desired results is the main routine of life, We Have to avoid consuming junk food or street foods to reach our fitness goals. May people loss their motivation and go towords failure due to they all are not focused to their goal in have healthy life, Being addicted to eating junk food is very bad habit, it will be like a obstacle in your weight loss journey.

Food Nutrition & Exercise

Daily exercise and good nutrition are main reason for you over health and fitness, Deficiency/lack of nutrition will make you weak and low in stamina. Ofcourse you will loss weight by doing exercise on empty stomach but losing weight by following this method is on now use and you will get weak and low energetic gym & you will feel lazy at work.

If you consume proper nutrition food Eg: supplement product, will fuel you up and your performance at gym will increase & and will help you to lose weight rapidly.

Frequently asked question “what does pre workout do….” Read More.

If you are normal workout guys then intake of creatine of 2-3 gm will not create any creatine side effects kidneys.
If you are normal workout guys then intake of creatine of 2-3 gm will not create any creatine side effects kidneys.

Exercise on Empty stomach will lose weight?

This is a misundersting being spreading on social media saying: exercise to lose belly fat in 1 week, That doing fasted exercise will result to better weight lose. Studies shows that the body’s response to fasted exercise, it is said that exercising fasted workout will use fat as fuel/energy.

Here fat burning is not the great on empty stomach as you body glucose level is low in the body. As i said above, this could led to low energy, low stamina and nausea.

Then after your fasted fat burn exercise when you take you meal, the insulin system will start storing the extra glucase that cames from food as fat so that your body will be ready for you next fasted exercise in future.

The conclusion here is, Exercising on empty will not help you in losing weight and body weight.

Get most from your daily Exercise

It best you have something little bit before your exercise as a pre-workout or whey protein, Weather your goal is to lose weight or gain weight. The perfect time to have something before workout is 30 mins earlier, Food that has good amount of carbs, fibers and protein.

Make sure more to eat took much before gym. secret of people who lose weight easily.

Can You Workout or Exercise After New Tattoo

gym after new tattoo
gym after new tattoo
Hi Guys, Welcome to Your Gym Guides. In this Fitness Gym Article I am here to tell you few tips on on how to keep a good self healing while still being in workout, I usually get comments on social media asking for, can I workout after making a gym tattoo.

Can You Workout or Exercise After New Tattoo

The Answer to above question will be depends, so let me try to explain in detail,

1. Should I go gym for workout within the 48 hours of getting new fitness gym tattoo? : I would recommend not to go to gym the first 0-48 hours because the tattoo wound are still open if you exercise at gym then bacteria can easily get into the tattoo and you may face itching or other issues. I would say better say for at least 48 hours +.

2. Can I workout other part of body where no new tattoo is made? : Yes, you can, but you need to keep newly designed tattoo on skin place should be clear, avoid sweat entering the tattoo place because sweat may enter the tattoo wound and bacteria can come with that.

3. I can’t skip my workout:  If you want to really workout and not willing to skip the workout even though it just couple of hour making the new Fitness tattoo, Here is a tip are you, Wear lose clothes so that it don’t have tight clothing.

4. Make sure you have clean tattoo and moisturize it before and after you gym workout.

5. Can I lift heavy weight? No, Be slow after a new tattoo is made, start with light weight. Suppose during workout if you feel stressed at tattoo area then you need to slow down a bit.

6. Can I workout outdoor after new tattoo? If you are working outdoor like running exercises make sure to avoid sunlight, you need to cover the tattoo area because black colors easily absorb sunlight and you will feel burning at tattoo area.

Supplement & Gym Equipment are now cheap in UK

Supplement & Gym Equipment are now cheap in UK

Cheap Supplements And Gym Equipment UK has launched a valuable information resource for fitness beginners and enthusiasts, allowing them to get their hands on the best products and equipment suited to their needs and goals without any bugget issues.

People’s life have changed dramatically in the last two years as a result of the outbreak. Gyms in the United Kingdom have declined in popularity as a result of safety precautions and lockdowns in order of covid issues. People prefer to work out in the comfort of their own homes, where they can easily achieve their fitness goals. People are becoming more interested in home gyms and online fitness training since they can help them reach their goals without need to spend time traveling to gym.

powerlifting wrist wraps
powerlifting wrist wraps

Gym Equipment UK

The key to getting the results they want is having access to the greatest exercise equipment and Low-Cost Supplements. This is where Low-Cost SupplementsAnd Fitness Equipment UK’s huge website resource comes in very handy. This is really a one-stop destination for all fitness rookies and enthusiasts alike wanting to take the next step in realising their fitness goals.

To begin, Low-Cost Supplements And Sports Equipment UK has reviewed a wide range of products in the area of fitness equipment and supplements in order to save readers effort and time. As a result, it helps fitness lovers in choosing the best and affordable Nutrients that will provide them with both the desired results. It analyzes the benefits and cost of numerous leading products on the market, ranging from Maxinutrition to Maximuscle as Well as on Nutrition.

Cheap Supplements

In fact, it begins with providing an overview of the many types of health supplements that are now available on the market. The numerous types of proteins, amino acids, and fibre, as well as how they assist generate muscles, will be explained to readers. In demand of make the super best judgment a mush as posible. to achieve their objectives. They can also find solutions that fit their budgets because they are in a position to make educated decisions.

The digital resource, for example, discusses Mirafit Home Gym Equipment, which has attracted the attention of fitness enthusiasts. The paper evaluates it all from dumbbells and interlocking floor mats to slider and workout steppers for prospective customers. There are various reviews and information on various supplements and fitness equipment, offering Cheap Vitamins & Sports Gear UK the place to just go, especially in times when home gymnasium are the standard.

Cheap Supplements & Gym Equipment UK – the comprehensive internet  assists fitness beginners and Gym lovers in making intelligent buying decisions when purchasing high-quality nutrients and gym equipment for at-home exercises.

The Most Effective Full Body Workout for beginners to Muscle Gain

Full body workout
Full body workout

Hi Guys, Welcome to Your Gym Guide, In this article will learn about whole body workout for beginners to build muscles at home or at gym.

A whole-body exercise routine to increase muscle can assist beginners or adults who want to get back into training after a period of inactivity. Although finding a truly effective whole-body workout routine is challenging, there are a handful that should work for most people.

When you’re new to weightlifting, it’s crucial to start slowly and gradually increase your intensity, which is why these routines are so important. The muscle-building technique I’ll show you is designed to be a model and a guideline, not a strict rule. This workout can be adjusted to improve outcomes even further.

Full Body Workout for beginners to Muscle Gain

full body kettlebell workout

Extremely intense muscle-building workout for the whole body

Whole body exercise – 1st Exercise

  • Bench press for 4 X 12 reps
  • 4 X 12 incline press repetitions
  • 4 X 15 cable crossovers reps
  • 4 reps to your maximum chin-ups
  • 4 X  10 reps Rows with a barbell
  • Deadlifts 3 X 12 repetitions
  • Shoulder press with dumbbells, 4 X  12 reps
  • 4 X  12 side lateral raise repetitions
  • 3 times the maximum number of crunches
  • Leg Raises from a Lie-Down – 3 times maximum

Full body Workout –  2nd Exercise 

  • Squats (4×12-15 reps)
  • 4×12 repetitions of hack squats
  • 4×12 repetitions of leg extensions
  • 4×12 repetitions of leg curls
  • 4×12 repetitions of barbell curls
  • 4×12 repetitions of Concentration Curls
  • 4×12 reps Triceps Pushdown
  • 4×12 reps seated triceps press.

For these exercises, it’s vital to choose weights that you can handle and to do them with proper technique. To appear cool, most people lift extremely heavy weights, yet they do not improve their muscles. Intervals of rest between sets are another important factor to which few people pay attention. Between sets, some players start daydreaming and take a 5-minute or longer break. There should be no more than 1 minute of rest between sets. If you are not focused, no whole-body training strategy will help you gain muscle.

When you go to the gym, it’s just for the purpose of working out and training – no chatting, no telephones, and no music. Keep your focus on the task at hand. This all-over-the-body workout is really effective.

Doing Full body exercises

Reps and sets are used in many muscle-strengthening exercises. A rep, which stands for repetition, is the total motion of a single exercise. A set consists of a certain number of reps.

A pushup rep, for example, consists of having the arms extended, lowering the chest to the floor, and then raising the body back to the original position. A set may consist of 10–20 pushup reps, or as many as a person can manage.

In a single workout, each person will be able to perform a different number of reps and sets of an exercise. As a general rule, a person should perform as many reps as possible, rest for a few minutes, and then repeat this set.

The Best Full-Body Workout Routine for Beginners

Day 1: Full-body workout

  1. Warmup: Do 5–10 minutes warmup exercise like full body stretching routine
  2. Core: Standing march
  3. Chest: perform Stability chest dumbbell press for chest muscles building.
  4. Back: stretching back muscles with Seated cable row
  5. Shoulders: perform shoulder press with dumbell with arnold press workout 
  6. Legs: perform a squat workout with weight Ball.
  7. Triceps:  hit that triceps muscles with Single-leg triceps pushdown
  8. Biceps: Single-leg dumbbell curl
  9. Cooldown:  5–10 minutes take rest.

Day 2 – rest day

During rest days you muscles will start reparing itself.

Day 3: Full-body workout

  1. Warmup: Do 5–10 minutes warmup exercise like full body stretching routine
  2. Core: perform Plank for building abs
  3. Back: Stability ball dumbbell row
  4. Chest: Push-up – normal body weight exercies.
  5. Shoulders: arnold press & dumbell front raise.
  6. Legs: Walking lunge
  7. Biceps: Single-leg biceps cable curl
  8. Triceps: Stability ball triceps extension
  9. Cooldown: 5–10 minutes

Day 4 : rest day

Day 5: repeat day 1 workout for whole body exercise


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