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Muscle growth building – 5 Tips That Will Get You Bigger Faster

Muscle growth become bigger faster ,As we all know inner child in use want to be an super hero which we get inspired  from television superhero shows like superman , Hulk etc .

The inner child in all of us wants to be a super hero that is why we call them super heroes, we want to be like them, we even idolize them.

Obviously we cannot develop super powers and fly like Superman so the closest next best thing is to build muscle and get stronger. That is why I’ve developed a 5 tip guide to becoming a super hero!.

1. Strength  

Internal Sources Of Strength For Leaders To Develop
Internal Sources Of Strength For Leaders To Develop

The stronger strength you get the more muscle you will have. This means in the gym you need to focus on constantly getting stronger strength, but that doesn’t mean stack on the weights where you are risking injury and form. It means to do enough weights where you are hitting the 6-8 repetitions but with a sweat and proper technique. Every time you find it easier in hitting that number, add more weight to constantly push yourself and get yourself out of that comfort zone. find out what are my strengths

2. Free Weights


Yes we’ve all done it and I’m not against it, but you shouldn’t be using fancy machines for your main body parts and exercises like your bench presses, barbell curls, etc. Its good sometimes to use machines to keep the body guessing and make things interesting but I would focus on free weights most of the time.

3. Compound Exercises 

Compound exercise are exercises that build muscle and strength. Although isolation exercises are important too, compound exercises are the ones which are going to build the most muscle and strength. Compound exercises include; Bench press, pull-ups, chin ups, squats, dead lifts, dips. By incorporating at least 1 or 2 compound exercises per body part every week you are sure to build muscle and strength fast.

4. Legs

5 legs workout at gym to growth muscle bigger and faster

I see it all the time, guys spending hours in the gym training their upper body and never train their legs. These are the same guys that never wear shorts in summer, with a fear of looking un-proportioned or being laughed at for having “chicken legs”. The fact of the matter is like anything in the real world a strong base is required, like a tree which needs strong roots and base in order to survive.

We need strong legs, to not only look good in shorts but for a stronger and bigger upper body. Your legs are half your body and by doing squats and dead lifts you are not only working out your whole body but helping to release more growth hormone in your whole body, which means a bigger and stronger body overall.

5. Split body parts 

get strength faster muscles growth

Do not try to work out your whole body in one workout. Split body parts i.e. chest and shoulders, biceps and triceps. If you try training every body part in one session, you will not only be in the gym for too long, but you will not have enough energy to work out muscles which by the end of the session will already be fatigued. So by splitting muscle groups you will get the maximum out of each work out and body part to build muscle fast!…