5 Mistake to be Avoid at Gym -Common Gym Mistakes

5 Common Gym Mistakes
5 Common Gym Mistakes

Common Gym Mistakes

This is common with everyone who joins a gym without any proper form of guidance or knowledge, so do not feel as if you are the only one. We have all made silly and stupid training mistakes from performing strange exercises that weren’t beneficial to our routine

 1. Not Tracking  your progress :

The Biggest mistake people make in gym is that not keeping track of there progress . Tracking your progress is very important because you can check your weight rise and how your strength is performing and if its increasing. just recording your personal bests/records on exercises in your phone or in a notebook and just you need to keep all you body gains tracks . is Common Gym Mistakes

 2. A limited Training Method :

The next  mistake new gym members make is to do with a limited training method. When you first starts lifting weights, your are training for the feeling and the pump instead of actually training for the results. some people perform the same heavy compound exercises day after day. Bench press. Squats. Dead lifts Etc.  They perform these exercises with the same weight load and even in the same fashion, Therefore the body is adapting and becoming used to the routine so the results will slow down. So i recommend you to try new position to exercise and increase the weight as much as you can. is Common Gym Mistakes

3. Not Using Gym Machine ( Equipment ) Correctly :

mistake new gym goers make is not using the equipment correctly.   Just because a machine says what its designed to train in its name doesn’t mean that it only has one use. Find new ways to train and new ways to use the equipment. YouTube is a great resource for learning visually how to perform exercises with the correct form and how to make use of gym equipment.

 4. Misunderstanding the per repetition ranges :

Every One might have heard that reps between 6-8 will make you gain mass, and  to become more cut you should perform reps in the 12+ range. This is a silly mistake many make. Higher reps will provide a much higher time under tension to allow for greater blood flow to expand the muscle cells and allow for greater growth compared to training at a low rep range.

 5. Not giving enough body rest time : 

The last mistake many people make is not giving enough rest.  Most people who are new to the gym are most excited to build there muscles , so the just focus on workout on daily  with providing proper rest to body.  expect results fast and want them fast growth. It’s important to understand that when we lift weights, we are damaging muscle tissue and that the damaged tissue can only repair itself in a resting state.  In fact, you’ll see greater results lifting 4-5 days a week with proper rest time for recovery. such as shoulders or legs, I recommend allowing a recovery time of 48-72 hours.


Therefore these are 5 simple common mistake made by new gym joiner. is Common Gym Mistakes