6 Reason ( Benefits ) to drink beer

benefits of drinking beer
benefits of drinking beer

In this blog we will know  6 Reason ( Benefits )  to drink beer

 6 Reason ( Benefits ) to drink beer

Here are six ways beer can keep you healthy

 1. Beer is good for your heart :

According to Harvard University,  more than 100 studies found an association between moderate drinking and a 25 to 40 percent reduced risk of heart attack or death from cardiovascular disease.

 2.  Reduce Cholesterol :

A study recently found that moderate( average amount ) beer consumption can increase HDL, or healthy cholesterol.

 3. Improves Bone Density :

Studies have found that beers have a high amount of silicon, which contributes to bone and connective-tissue health.   dietary silicon was crucial for bone and skeletal tissue strength. Beer contains a high level of malted barley’s and hops. Both these foods are the rich sources of silicon. According to the National Institutes of Health, dietary silicon is important for the growth and development of bone and connective tissue and it helps reduce the risk of bone thinning disease.

4. Reduces Diabetes  :

15 studies on moderate alcohol consumption and Type 2 Diabetes risk, the American Diabetes Association found a 30 percent reduced risk of type 2 diabetes . It’s important to note that a standard 12-ounce ( 350 ml ) beer contains about 14 grams of alcohol—so drink responsibly if you want these health benefits.

5. Beer prevent you from kidney Stone :

While some people worry beer can cause kidney stones, other people have heard that beer helps kidney stones.So, is it true? , some research showing that drinking in moderation can prevent the formation of kidney stones.  One study found that beer intake has an inverse relationship with this painful ailment, with each bottle consumed per day estimated to reduce your risk for it by 40 percent.

6. Stay more Regular to your workout schedule :

Whether you believe it or not, but scientific studies have proved that drinking moderately (a glass of beer) makes you more regular to your workout schedule.


This are the 6 Reason ( Benefits ) you should start to drink beer.  but don’t be  alcoholic , Limited consumption of beer is good , but not cross the limit.

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