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Natural sugar and why sugar is bad for health

Why Sugar is bad and 5 top natural sugar



In this Blog post we will know Why sugar is bad to our body and 5 top natural sugar that you need.

What is Sugar ?

Sugar, Sugar is generic name of sweet-tasting carbohydrates.

Sugar now a days is a product  used to make other sweet products, Therefore 60 % of Deceases in our body is due to consuming lots of sugar on daily bases.

Because people think sweetness can only be got from adding sugar, This is not true.

Note: Remember that natural sweet & sugar are both two separate thing.

sweet product which made of Natural sweet, are healthy .

sweet product which made of Artifical sugar , are unhealthy.


University of California , Professor Robest Lustig  studies about medical and health related topic ,He  Says that sugar in our body works same as Alcohal , Sugar is very dangerous. Robest Lustig is the one who took action not to use sugar in  produce sweet.

Deceases caused by consuming more sugar  produce 

  1. Diabetes
  2. High Blood pressure
  3. Fat
  4. Weight Gain
  5. Sexual Weakness
  6. Heart Deceases and more

Lets Know Why sugar is so harmful

As you know that Sugar is made from Sugarcane. you might ask me question that sugarcane  have many benefits and high in nutritions  in it, and it’s true,

But In the process of  preparing sugar using sugarcane all the nutrition found in sugarcane is destroyed and in turn in sugar factory they add some harmful chemicals into sugar.  so sugar is very dangerous to health.

If We see in sugar, other then sweetness and chemical there is nothing in sugar rather, that means in sugar we can’t find  : Vitamin , Protein , minerals is 0 %.

Here are 5 top sugar substitutes( Natural sugar )

5 top sugar substitutes( Natural sugar )

 1. Raw Honey              honey raw honey natural sugar

2. Stevia 

Stevia natural sugar


3. Dates


dates_natural sugar


4. Coconut Sugar 


Coconut Sugar  natural


5. Maple syrup 



Conclusion :

Therefore in this blog we learned Why Sugar is bad and 5 top natural sugar