A Quick Facts about BCAA’s Supplements

A Quick Facts on BCAA Supplement
A Quick Facts on BCAA Supplement

Hi Guys, welcome to Your Gym Guides, In this Blog post we will know a quick facts about BCAA Supplements

What is BCAA ?

BCAA stands for ”  branched-chain amino acids  ” is an  combination of 3 amino acids namely (  leucineisoleucine and valine ).

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Quick Facts about BCAA Supplements

  • Provide 3 of the 9 essential amino acid building blocks of muscles tissues.
  • Helps protects lean muscles mass and guard against muscle wasting.
  • BCAA Supplement are a source of long-term enegry.
  • BCAAs help promote fat loss via appetile suppression and increased metabolism for burining calories.
  • Its also provide higher strength gains then whey proteins does.
  • There are no Harmful side-effects reported from BCAA supplementations.

Recommended BCAA Supplement

1. MuscleBlaze BCAA Pro Amino Acid Powder (Watermelon & Fruit Splash, 250 g)

  • MuscleBlaze BCAA Pro Two Flavour Pack gives you different flavour choices- Watermelon & Fruit Splash in one pack making your workouts more exciting.
  • With 7g of BCAAs in each serving, this intra-workout drink helps provide rich amino acids during workout to minimize catabolism
  • It creates an anabolic state in the body which results in longer workout durations and provides with L-Glutamine which accelerates the muscle recovery
  • Contains sodium and potassium as active electrolytes which keep you brimming with energy and prevents dehydration during intense workouts.

2. Dymatize BCAA Powder – 300 g (Blue Raspberry)

It is a maximum strength formula designed to provide a 5, 050 mg complex of the pure free form amino acids l-valine, l-leucine and l-isoleucine in every serving.

3.Bigmuscles Nutrition Real BCAA [50 Servings, Tropical Madness] -100%

  • Amino Acid Interfusion: 5g of 100% vegan micronized amino acids per serving
  • Muscle Recovery: Amino acids supports Muscle Recovery following exercise
  • Muscle Endurance: Push harder during training with the inclusion of BCAAs to the formula which can help take your performance to the next level
  • Supports Lean Muscle Mass: REAL BCAA intra-workout powder promotes muscle development and maintenance while supporting lean muscle mass and reducing muscle breakdown.
  • Convenient Powder Form: Real BCAA powder mixes easily with water and contains zero calories, zero carbohydrates, and zero grams of sugar.
  • Banned Substance Tested: Athletes can be assured it has undergone rigorous checks and testing to ensure that it is not contaminated with banned substances and is safe to use
  • 0g calories per serving



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