Get Rounded shaped shoulder with Arnold Press shoulder workout

arnold shoulder press workout image
arnold shoulder press workout image

Having a Strong and powerful shoulder muscles will increate your upper body strength, you can perform body pushup and pull exercise easily without any hard try, but only thing is you must have you shoulder stronger.

If your muscle of your shoulder are fully active then from bench presses to pull up will be very easy for you compaired to person whose shoulder is week.

There for to make your shoulder strong Arnold Press it the most effective workout for you shoulder deltoids, making it a super effective training.

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How to perform the arnold Press

It’s very important to learn the proper form of arnold shoulder press before starting, because arnold press does have some risk on your shoulder.

Arnold Shoulder Press workout is little complex as compaired with normal shoulder workout but once you master the basic of arnold press it will be easy enough to do it.

Here are few step to preform arnold Press

1. Put a Weight(dumbells): Just grap a pair of dumbells: Beginner weight suggested: 10 kg each dumbells.

2. Arnold Press Workout proper form: Hold Tight your core and legs, your arms should be the only thing that should be moved during the exercises.

3. Lefting the weight: Hold the dumbbells beside your ears, palms facing in and elbows at a 90-degree angle. Don’t worry about the form right away; instead, establish a comfortable posture for your wrists, shoulders, and elbows.

4. Push the weight up and Twist: Now you need to push the weight upwords, using your shoulder muscles and triceps muscles, push it up until your arm is fully straight enough. As you push weight up now you need to twist you wrist towords 180 degree. This full rotation helps to engage all three deltoid heads for maximum muscle recruitment.

5. Hold up for 1-count: Hold the weight upwards for a second, give tension you your shoulder muscles by holding the weight up.

6. bring it down and twist reverse: Now Bring the weight down back it start position, now as you bring it back twist your wrist in reverse position(opposite direction).

7. Complete 10 to 15 reps(if weight is 10 kg) or more reps if possible –  with 3 sets of arnold workout.