what does pre workout do – how long pre workout last – why can’t sleep

what does pre workout do

Hi Guys, Welcome to Your Gym Guides, In this Fitness blog article we will learn on what does pre workout do, how long does pre workout take to kick in & lasting time, is preworkout bad for you.

What does pre-workout do?

Now a days pre-workout suppement are full in trend, bodybuilder drink pre workout to boost the power/energy/increase stamina to left heavy weight at gym.

Everyone who goes to gym to build muscle are look fit generally bodybuilder make use of supplement pre workout powder, to enhance their performance.

They prepare your body to get ready for heard heavy exercises as an aesthetic arsenal.

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How long does pre workout take to kick in

Usually, gym goer take pre-wokout powder as per recommended by his or her trainer depending on bodyweight, and on average pre-workout kick/effect starts 20-40 minutes,  but depends person-to-person. It all dependence on the which company supplement product you are using. That is why it is said that you should consume it 15 minute before leaving to gym from home, so that until you reach gym, pre-workout effect starts.

How long does pre workout last

how long does pre workout stay in your system, Usually pre-workout will last for 3 hours to 5 hours depending on which company supplement you are using — longer enough to get the serious workout.

is pre workout bad for you Health 

Usually, bodybuilder who’s only goal is bodybuilding & winning bodybuilding MR olympia medal.

If you are using this kind of pre-workout supplements, you should take guide from expert trainer who can guide you properly : you must take it with huge care, because they are very harmful if you over dose it.

it can lead you with many side effect in long go. Insomnia is common in pre-workout intake.

Should i take pre workout

I recommended, normal people who go to gym to keep your body fit & healthy body shape( without any bodybuilding goal) never use pre workout for more energy.

if your goal is to be a fitness model, then you don’t need any kind of supplement.

Why can’t i sleep after pre-workout – insomnia

pre workout removes all your slepy mood and make you energetic be because of some ingredients added in it.

Caffeine: Boost performance and enhance cognition. This is the main ingredient in pre-workout supplements that make you more focused during workout.

L-theanine: Super cool focus and laser-like precision. L-theanine is an amino acid known to promote calm, relaxation, and stimulate the release of relaxation chemical GABA. It’s generally found in mushrooms and tea leaves. It’s helpful to improve your sleep quality, improve performance, and provide a good mood.

As it container caffeine and other. they will boost you internal system and hijack it and produce you to get ready for super powerful workout. within 20 minute if drinking you will be boosted from zero to hero.

So caffeine can take atleast 3-6 hrs to get out of your body.

For Example: if you take pre-workout at 8 PM for night workout and you go to gym & do workout for 2 hours and come back home at 11 PM and suppose you go to bed at 12PM, then caffeine will still be circulating around your body upto 2 AM, due to which you will feel  insomnia

Please make use of pre-workout carefully, if used properly as much as required then it can be a life changing for your fitness bodybuilding goal.