How to increase stamina? Try this tips to boost stamina

How to increase stamina
How to increase stamina

Ok So you might have Problems with your stamina and want to increase stamina that’s why you are here.

Firstly,let me telll you What is stamina?

A Stamina is a strength or an energy what you put effective energy to complete you work.

This Stamina will differ from a person to person, not one in this earth is same.

How to increase stamina?

Increasing your stamina is not a one day, It’s Inpossible to increase the stamina in one single day, it’s a long process where you need to work hard and exercise regularly.

Then, if you are thinking to boost your stamina by consuming different kinds of supplements that you get in market, This is wrong because Supplements for only for those people who’s daily activities are too much like athletes or any bodybuilder

For normal people, if you taking those useless supplements, then you will sure get temporary results by those supplements but when you stop taking those think your condition will we reduce even low as it was before.

So i recommend say no to supplement if you are normal person who has no too much of atheles life.

1. Do exercises on regular basic

If i say workout and exercise is the most effective and best way to increase stamina.

Then, Doing exercise on Regular basic will improve you breathing.

So, if you are doing a regular workout or any exercises like running ,Jogging within a week or a 2 week you will see the result that your stamina is been increased.

Note: Please note that here workout don’t mean to just rush into gym and start lifting weight. Lifting weight is important but more then you need to perform cardio workout.

2. Build stamina by food

To boost your stamina you need to consume healthy diet food that are rich in all the nutrients required to the body.

you need you consume food that are high in protein weather it from veg protein or non-veg protein source.

Note- You can consume any food you like but choice food which are healthy. It’s ok if you like unhealthy food that you can eat once a week but not too much.


Caffeine is the best source to improbe stamina as a research found that caffeine will keep you active in your work and also help you in boosting stamina.

How to build stamina by running

If you Smoke you need to say it goodbye.

One of the biggest reason why my stamina is so low  is because of smoking. everybody in this world know that smoking kills and it affects out body very badly. If you smoke then you need to stop it now because you need to boost your stamina.

If you are too much busy in your life follow the below steps to increase stamina

Their are other ways to boost stamina check out how.

—- If you are busy in your life and has not time to spend time in doing exercises like yoga and running. then read below.

  1. If you are not doing the physical activity then start
    avoiding the use of lift in office or at home, use stairs this keep your
    physical activity
  2. Avoid using the bike, taxi, auto, car, etc for traveling
    for a shorter distance. You can walk or use cycle this will also be helpful
  3. Try to play any outdoor game, Instead of in-door games.

In the mean time you can consume  Herbal Product

Herbal Product(Ashwagandha)

There are many benefit of consuming Ashwagandha herbal product as it is a herbal and don’t any side-effects

Ashwaggandha – It is a powerful herb that helps you build stamina and even helpful in reducing stress. There is no side effect found. For seeing a result you have to wait for 1.5 months.

How to take Ashwagandha  herbal

Take and glass of milk and 1 to 2 table spoon of ashwagandha and consume it twice a day, morning  as you woke up and night just before you go to sleep.


Water plays very important role in increasing you stamina, consume atleast 2 to 3 litre of water per day