Can You Workout or Exercise After New Tattoo

gym after new tattoo
gym after new tattoo
Hi Guys, Welcome to Your Gym Guides. In this Fitness Gym Article I am here to tell you few tips on on how to keep a good self healing while still being in workout, I usually get comments on social media asking for, can I workout after making a gym tattoo.

Can You Workout or Exercise After New Tattoo

The Answer to above question will be depends, so let me try to explain in detail,

1. Should I go gym for workout within the 48 hours of getting new fitness gym tattoo? : I would recommend not to go to gym the first 0-48 hours because the tattoo wound are still open if you exercise at gym then bacteria can easily get into the tattoo and you may face itching or other issues. I would say better say for at least 48 hours +.

2. Can I workout other part of body where no new tattoo is made? : Yes, you can, but you need to keep newly designed tattoo on skin place should be clear, avoid sweat entering the tattoo place because sweat may enter the tattoo wound and bacteria can come with that.

3. I can’t skip my workout:  If you want to really workout and not willing to skip the workout even though it just couple of hour making the new Fitness tattoo, Here is a tip are you, Wear lose clothes so that it don’t have tight clothing.

4. Make sure you have clean tattoo and moisturize it before and after you gym workout.

5. Can I lift heavy weight? No, Be slow after a new tattoo is made, start with light weight. Suppose during workout if you feel stressed at tattoo area then you need to slow down a bit.

6. Can I workout outdoor after new tattoo? If you are working outdoor like running exercises make sure to avoid sunlight, you need to cover the tattoo area because black colors easily absorb sunlight and you will feel burning at tattoo area.