Did You Know ? What happens when you stop masturbation

what happens when you stop masturbation do you know
what happens when you stop masturbation do you know

What happens when you stop masturbation? Did You Know?  

masturbation, When men stop masturbating, the level of testosterone in their body increases over +45% in only 7 days. It continues to increase as one continues to abstain. The boost in testosterone not only skyrockets one’s confidence but also subconsciously attracts women as they are much more attracted to men of high testosterone, the same way men are attracted to feminine women. This is a biological fact and one of the many benefits of retaining seminal fluid and ceasing masturbating.

Did You Know?

"did you know ? "
“did you know? “


 Here is how testosterone affects your body Low and High… Did You Know?


Low Testosterone  

  • Reduce Sex Drive
  • Male have boobs
  • lowered sperm count
  • lose of muscle mass
  • lose of hair
  • feeling in depression
  • less energy

High Testosterone

  • Increase Sex Drive
  • Healthy  sperm count
  • Build more muscle mass
  • Health hair
  • Be Active
  • Be Fit

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is masturbation healthy? Did You Know?

People masturbate for different reasons — it helps them relax, they want to understand their body better, they want to release sexual tension, or their partner isn’t around. But most people masturbate because it feels good. Many people think that masturbation is only something you do when you don’t have a sex partner. But both single people and people in relationships masturbate.

Therefore masturbation is not bad for Health, but-but if you get addicted to masturbation and do masturbation each and every day then losing more testosterone or removing more testosterone from your body this can make you muscles week, so masturbation once or twice a week is good for health.