Epic Battle Rope Exercises And Workouts To Get You Ripped

5 best battle ropes exercises
5 best battle ropes exercises


5 Beginner Battle Rope Exercises And Workouts To Get You Ripped

Want to get Fit or want to lose some body fat percentage then you have to grips a battle rope for the fat-burning and muscle-building benefits of weight training, Battle Rope Exercises also help you in improving your cardio fitness.

Many people even ask me is jumping rope good exercise so I have researched spent some time to study the goodness of battle rope exercises for beginners so let’s begin

Battle Rope Exercises are called as number one fat-loss exercises

Beginner battle rope exercises movements

1. Double Rope Wave exercises

Battle Ropes exercises for athletes is the best way to form and master the basics of the battle ropes with this exercise. To start, stand facing the anchor with feet shoulder-width apart. now you need to Grab one end of the rope in each hand such a way so that your palms face each other. now slightly bend knees , brace your core, and move both arms up and down rapidly very fast, Such as it looks like a water wave in beach creating waves in the rope.


2. Alternating battle rope exercises

In this Alternative battle rope exercises, all you need to do is move your hand up and down in an alternative way i mean to say movement you hand up down one by one when your one hand goes up another hand must be coming down. As shown in the below rope exercises pictures.


3. Shoulder Circles

Its time to put your shoulders to workout for build bigger shoulder. Seeing at the below shoulder circle rope exercise you may think, Though this move looks very easy and simple, it’ll yield serious make you shoulder more strength than ever before, this rope exercise very helps for boxers and swimmers in particular.

Battle Ropes exercises for athletes start from, Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and knees slightly bent. Grasp the rope with palms facing down, lift arms over your shoulders, and move your arms in circles. Perform clockwise circles for 30 seconds, then counter-clockwise for another 30 seconds.

shoulder circle rope exercises
shoulder circle rope exercises

4. Snakes on the Floor

Snakes on the floor is not a real shake on Floor, hahaha ha funny, Never mind, Battle Ropes exercises for athletes This snake move is a killer shoulder workout. Stand facing the anchor and position your feet a little wider than shoulder-width apart, holding the ropes by your sides. Lower into a squat, pulling your arms wide and keeping them parallel to the floor. Without crossing hands, move your arms in toward one another and then back out—your goal is to make the ropes look like two snakes on the floor.shake on the floor rope exercises

shake on the floor rope exercises

5. Shoulder Press

Battle Ropes exercises for athletes Here their is No need to limit your shoulder presses to barbells and dumbbells — you can totally use battle ropes too! Hold the ropes on your shoulders (make sure there’s tension on the ropes). Press the ropes upward as you straighten arms overhead. Bring them back down to the start position.

shoulder press rope exercises jpg
shoulder press rope exercises jpg

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