How to get perfect calf muscles ?

Why you are not able to build calf muscles
Why you are not able to build calf muscles

Hi Guys welcome to Your gym guides, In this Article check how can we get a perfect calves muscles.

How do I get perfect shape calves muscles?

Many people out there ask me about How can I build my calves fast? or How can i get perfect shaped calves muscles that too fast,

All i want to say is that with ego in mind to get best calves muscles that too faster will result you into losing those muscles.

Ego will led to SMALL CALVES

ego in mind to build best calves muscles will led you with smaller calves because when you train you calves muscles all you focus will be in showing ego to other guys at the gym.

As said in the below image SMALL CALVES is not in your Genetics but actually it’s in your EGO.

if you are using heavy weight without any control on your calf exercises, your achilies tendon reflexer will take over and your calves muscles will not be worked.

My Recommendation to train your calves muscle properly

Keep focused on your calves muscles instead of keeping focus on fast building calves.

Go slow, i means to say keep some tension to you legs muscles while exercise your legs muscles, hold the top position and down position while training your calf muscles.

Grab lighter weight instead of heavy weight, heavy weight will not work until you learn how to keep focus on particular muscles point.

Here are some calf muscles exercises that you need to check now

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