Best 4 key feature to development of your calf muscle exercise

calf muscle exercise
calf muscle exercise

Here are top calf muscle exercises to Grow big Calf muscles

“The two main muscles you’re trying to build when doing calf exercises are the soleus and the gastrocnemius,”  The calf muscle exercises can handle a lot of punishment and adapt quickly to weight training.

“Your calf muscle exercises help move you forward and up in dangerous developments,”. This makes them valuable for dashing and plyometrics, and any movement that requires leg impetus or foot adjustment after landing, such as cycling, running, volleyball, or b-ball. calf muscle exercises

calf muscle exercises

1. Standing calf raise on an elevated surface

Benefits: “This is a great calf exercise to stretch and strengthen the calves (primarily workout effect gastrocnemius muscles ) through a full range of motion,” Kelley says.

calf muscles exercises
calf muscles exercises

How to Do?

  • Holding a dumbbell in your left hand, stand with the ball of your left foot on an elevated surface with your heel hanging off, and your right toes resting on your left ankle.
  • Keeping your core engaged, raise your left heel as high as possible.
  • Slowly lower your heel down below the raised surface until you feel a stretch in your calf.
  • Repeat and do equal reps on both legs.

2. Seated calf raise muscle exercises

Benefits: “This exercise is great for soleus isolation,” Kelley says. To increase your range of motion and work your muscles, even more, he suggests elevating the balls of your feet with a block.

Seated calf raise
Seated calf raise

How to do?

  • Sit tall on a bench or chair with your feet flat on the ground holding two heavy dumbbells on top of your knees.
  • Keeping your core engaged, lift your heels off the ground as high as possible.
  • Slowly lower your heels back down to the ground and repeat.

 3. Standing wall calf muscles stretch  exercises

Benefits: Another wall stretch variation, this hits your gastrocnemius and can also help relieve tension in your Achilles tendon. “It also doubles as a good stretch for the plantar fascia,” Kelley adds, which is a common cause of heel pain.

calf-stretch calf muscles exercises
calf-stretch calf muscles exercises
  • Standing in front of a wall, put one foot forward so your heel is on the ground and the ball of your foot is against the wall.
  • Resting your hands on the wall, gently straighten your front leg and lean forward until you feel a deep stretch in your calf.
  • Switch legs and repeat.

4. Jump rope exercises best for calf muscle

Benefits: This is a good endurance exercise for your calves, and also helps improve total-body coordination, Kelley says.

How to do?

  • Holding the handles of a jump rope in each hand, jump with both feet as you turn the rope. Keep your core engaged and your shoulders lowered.

Best 4 key feature to development of your calf muscles exercises

1. Use Full Range of Motion calf muscle exercises

Select your weight to achieve a full contraction at the top and a deep stretch at the bottom of the calf raise repetition.

I see many trainers make use of heavyweight do to which they are not able to reach the full range of calf muscle exercises.

so I do prefer to make use of a little bit off less weight with high reps with a proper range of motion top to bottom.

2. Train Calves 3-4 Times Per Week calf muscle exercises

Train your calves every other day. Your calves are able to recover faster than other muscle groups and are hard to overtrain. Therefore,

you can train them 3 or 4 times per week. A 4th training session per week would occur every other week if you trained your calves every other day.

However, Do give rest to your calves very next day of training your calves, this will give them to repair themselves for 24 hours.

3. Employ Two Different Repetition Schemes calf muscle exercises

Your calf routines must have a mix of exercises in the 8 to 20 repetition range and exercises in the 20 to 100 repetition range.

This is necessary to work the Fast Twitch fibers AND the Slow Twitch fibers in the two calf muscles – the gastrocnemius and the soleus. Because the soleus is primarily Type I-Slow Twitch muscle fiber, you should schedule more sets in the 20-100 rep range when doing calf muscle exercises Seated Calf Raises .

For the gastrocnemius, you will attain maximum growth by having a 50-50 split of 8-20 rep range and 20-100 rep range on the Standing Calf Raise, Donkey Calf Raise and Toe Press (Calf Press) exercises.

4. Add Variety to your calf muscle exercises

You must vary your exercises, rep schemes, and poundages every 1-2 workouts or at least once a week to keep the calf muscles from adapting to the same routine.

The calves are designed to adapt very quickly to the stresses applied.

Calf muscles respond best when there’s new stress applied frequently. Keep the calf muscles guessing by changing your exercises and exercise variables.