How to Stop spreading Coronavirus? How to build immunity system ?

how to stop spreading of coronavirus

Hi Guys, Welcome to Your Gym Guides, In this Article we will discuss on how can you be protected from corona virus and how to stop spreading coronavirus

The Best Ways to be protected against Corona virus :


boost your immunity system

How to build a Strong immunity system ?

1) Eat only fresh food.

2) Always consume  food that are completly hygienic.

3) Every Person in this earth should get adequate sleep rest of atleast 6 – 8.

4) If you feel you are not feeling well currently then kindly its safe staying at home and take a good quality of rest.I mean to say that Give good rest to the body.

5) If you are fit and healthy that do any regular exercise for atleast 30 min daily this will seriously boost your immunity system.

6) Please Avoid all the branded packaged food products as it contain many artificial colors and many harmfull preservatives – in short be away that comes with tag ( ready to eat), this is the main reason why this generation kids are with low immuntity strength..and even this kinds of food products keeps on getting  you sick ).

7) If you have bad habits like smoking, chewing tobacco, or consuming lots of alcohols then you need to stop this bad habits..

8) Office work is important but the more important in life is staying fit and healthy, so atleast for 30 minutes a day be in sunlight.

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How to Stop spreading Coronavirus?

WHO (World Health Organization) says that there’s currently no vaccine to prevent coronavirus disease (COVID-19).
So you can protect yourself and help WHO to prevent the spreading of coronavirus : By this simple steps:
  1. Keep washing your hands regularly every 1 hours or when you touch anything or meet some one.
  2. If you have cough or sneeze always cover your mouth and nose with tissue or elbow before the action.
  3. Keep people away from you who are  in unwell condition.
  4. Stay at home(janta curfew) self-isolate from others if you are feeling unwell.
  1. Don’t Touch you nose, eyes or mouth if you think you are not clean enough.