The Top 7 Reasons You are not Building Muscle


The 9 Reasons You Aren’t Building Muscle

So you’ve been training for a while but now it feels like you are beating a dead horse because you aren’t building muscle anymore.

You feel demotivated and you can’t put your finger on why you are not gaining the amount of muscle you should be.

Don’t worry we are here to help you.

Here are the 9 reasons why you aren’t building muscle.

#1 You Don’t Have a Proper Workout Program

Going to the gym and just doing whatever you feel like doing that day? This is a highway to stagnation!

In order to build muscle and pack on size, you need to have a structured, organized, and intelligent workout program to follow.

But you also don’t want some nonsense you find in the latest muscle magazine that the latest “pro” is doing, these won’t work for the average guy looking to put on serious muscle.

Having a structured well-designed program means you are able to intelligently put on muscle and follow a clearly laid out routine.

This means consistent muscle gains!

#2 You are Doing Too Much Cardio

In terms of building muscle and gaining size, you NEED to be in caloric surplus.

However, this doesn’t mean you will still be able to build muscle if you are burning all those calories away!

Your body works on a calories in vs calories out.

does cardio burn muscle
does cardio burn muscle ? yes it burn some muscles .. so recommend to do cardio one day in a week

So even if you are eating enough, if you are burning all that extra fuel that was supposed to help you build muscle when you do cardio then you are NOT going to build any muscle.

Remember cardio is important during bulking, but you need to do it the correct way.


#3 You are Not Eating Enough

Eating like a little bird when it comes to building muscle just won’t cut it.

You need to constantly be in caloric surplus EVERY DAY to build muscle.

If it is your first time doing it, it may be pretty eye-opening!

Once you know how much you need to eat then you will be able to hit those nutritional goals and build muscle fast!

chicken muscles gain
chicken muscles gain

#4 You Are Too Impatient!

You don’t pack on 80lbs of muscle in a month. It is IMPOSSIBLE.

Once you have realistic goals in place it will take the impatience of building muscle out of the way because you know how long it is going to take you to build a certain amount of muscle and you can work to that goal.

how to make time to go to the gym
manage your time for gym

#5 Compound Movements – You Are Not Training for Size!

Compound or multi-joint movements are ESSENTIAL to building muscle.

These are moves that require more than 1 muscle group. Such as:

  • Dead lifts
  • Squats
  • Bench Press
  • Close Grip Bench Press
  • Barbell Curls
  • Floor to Overhead Press
  • Military Press
  • Pull Ups
  • Chin-ups
  • Etc……….
how to deadlift. best deadlift exercise form workout variation properly
how to deadlift. best deadlift exercise form workout variation properly

Not performing these has to be one of the biggest reason’s you aren’t building muscle.

As we discussed in point 6, you need 3 keys to build muscle.

#6 Too Much Gym

Ever heard the saying too much of a good thing is a bad thing?

This definitely rings true in terms of building muscle.

If you are not allowing your body to rest and recover then you will simply end up stagnating and even regressing.

#7 Not Getting Enough Rest

Rest is very important for building muscle.

If you are not resting then your body is not getting the time it needs to repair and adapt to the stimulation you are giving your muscles.

What does this mean? No muscle gain!

So get enough rest in, and if you are over training then you will not get any muscles gain .

get enough rest common gym mistakes
Resting is very much important , Because all your broken muscles get repaired when you get better quality rest /sleep


These are the 9 major reasons you aren’t building muscle!

Fix these problems and you will be gaining muscle again in no time!