Why are gym membership so expensive/costly

gym membership are expensive - is it worth it
what is avarage gym membership cost

Hi Guys, Welcome you to Your Gym Guides, In this article, we will look into why are gyms so expensive, is a gym membership worth it giving thousand of dollars per year,  gym membership cost per month is around 70$ to 150$ per month.

What is average gym membership cost?

It depends on the gym to gym, Gyms nowadays are expensive, in olden days like our legend Arnold would go to the cheapest gym membership where they used to pay less for a gym membership for a year, but now there is a package in the gym too like a monthly gym membership like one gym will charge you 70$ per month, $120 for 3 month and $200 for 6 month, gym are too expensive in some city.

is a gym membership worth it price
is a gym membership worth it price

This will vary on the type of gym you choose to go to, the typical local gym is affordable for the lower-middle-class people, whereas sports-specific types of the gym with more gym equipment are too expensive.

you choose where you want to join.

Note: All gym is the same, no gym will do your workout, you yourself need to work out hard to achieve greatness, that is also possible in a cheapest monthly gym membership.

why are gyms so expensive

is one-year gym membership are so costly? Are they worth the cost?

Actually, if you calculate, the one-year gym membership cost is less as compared to paying a monthly gym membership.

I think it’s better to take a gym membership for 6 months or a year but once you get comfortable at a gym.

firstly, pay at the gym monthly wise for 2 months,s and then if you feel the gym is worth paying for 6 months or 1 year then goes for it else simply change the gym.

I am from India and in India, the most gym is cheaper as compared to other country, I go to a gym where they charge me Rs 2000 per month that is around $26, and yearly gym membership will cost me Rs 12000- Rs 15000 that’s around $160 – $200,

So by paying at the gym monthly wise, it will cost me Rs 24000 i.e  $320, by paying one-year membership at the gym I am saving around $9000 i.e $120.

Finally, I would recommend you to try a new gym for 2-month at least before paying them for a 1-year membership, if you feel the gym is good with all facilities then purchase for 1 year.