Do you know? Plank Exercise is more effective then Crunches

plank exercise
Plank Workout is more effective then Crunches

Hi Guys, Welcome to Your Gym Guide, In this Fitness article, we will discuss on How a Plank workout is more effective than abs crunches.

What is a plank workout?

In Simple work a plank exercise is a stealth core strength training, this plank for beginners looks easily but difficult to hold. All you need to do is to come to a position that is similar to push-up and hold the position for the maximum time you can hold. By performing plank exercise you can build a core and strong abs at home. Plank is the best home exercise for abs.

The benefit of plank exercise

  1. Strengthens your core muscles.
  2. Better posture and improve balance.
  3.  Reduce back pain.
  4. Improve Flexibility.

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Planks for beginners and benefits of Plank Workout.

Plank Exercise is more effective than abs crunches


You have read in the above points on how is plank exercise is beneficial for your over body structure, It not only build core but also improves your posture and strengthen your backbone.

by Preforming plank workout on daily bases it targets multiple muscles at once those include:

Plank Exercise at home

How to place your body for the effective plank exercise | How to Perform the Plank Workout.

  • Your knees and hands should remain on the bottom, your back flat, and therefore the shoulders should be a touch wider than shoulder-width apart.
  • Focus on a spot on the ground beyond your hands, so as to stay the spine, head, and neck straight.
  • Apply the pressure on the toes, and place the proper leg on the ground.
  • Then, repeat an equivalent with the left leg.
  • You need to start out contracting the abdominal muscles and remain during this position for 20-60 seconds.
  • Afterward, relax your body.
  • You need to gradually increase the time of maintaining the plank position up to a moment.
Repeat the plank 3 times on a daily basis for effective results.

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