Planks for beginners and benefits of Plank Workout.

plank for beginners & benefits of planks
plank for beginners & benefits of planks

Hi Guys, Welcome to Your Gym Guide, In this Article we wil discuss on best plank for beginners and what are the benefits of plank workout.

What is plank workout?

In Simple work a plank exercises is an stealth core strength training, this planks for beginners looks easily but difficult to hold. All you need to do is to come to a position that is similar to push-up and hold the position for maximum time as you can hold.

Plank workout is benefits in many ways like:

plank exercise benefits

#1. Strengthens your core muscles.

A proper plank is a full body exercises that give more pressure on your abs core. Its is called best exercises for full body workout because it strengthens your arms, shoulder, back, glutes and legs.

#2. Better posture and improve balance.

As discussed on above point, plank workout is a full body workout so performing a plank workout will improve your body posture and as it strengthen your core  you will have proper balance on your body.

#3. Reduce back pain.

plank exercise for back pain, many people are working in offices and continously on PC so this kind of people usually face back pain, Then as i said plank will reduce back pain.
but don’t worry if you get back pain while doing plank workout, it’s usual because doing plank more target will be on your abs and back. perform plank daily will increase your strength and reduce the back pain

#4. Improve Flexibility.

As you perform plank workout daily, your body will be become more flexible and stronger then before.

One of the best think is  you can do plank exercises anywhere anytime.

Types of planks for beginners

#1. Regular Plank

regular plank workout

#2. Elbow Plank

As you can in this below image, you just need to come in this exact position and hold it for  more then 1 – 3 minute plank.

elbow plank 6 packs

#3. Rocking plank

In this workout you just need to come in the position of elbow plank and slightly move you body forword and backward.

Here is third party recommended video for rocking plank


#4. Plank with arm up and foot up

In the workout you just need to come in regular plank position, and then just lift you arm up and then lift you opposite foot up likewise perform as much as reps as you can.

arm up plank workout

#5. Mountain Climbers


#6. reverse plank

Check out this post for full detail of reverse plank

Reverse Plank That Help Strengthen The Core And Lower Body

Longest plank EVER – Guinness World Records

longest plank ever 8 Hours 15 minutes 15 seconds

Most people have difficulty planking for just minutes at a time, but at the age of 62, George has shown that it’s possible to push the boundaries at any age with perseverance and a strong mindset. The hardcore former US Marine and DEA Supervisory Special Agent is no stranger to record-breaking, but this record is truly incredible.

Watch now to see how long he could hold it for! You can read more about the record here 👉