How to do push ups for beginners? exercise to build upper body muscles

How to do a pushups for beginner
How to do a pushups for beginner

In this Blog/article we will learn about how a beginner can easily learn How to do push-ups

When you should do a pushup exercises

How to do push-ups for beginners?

I have already written an article on How to do a pushup perfect push up form & Technique.

Before beginning  with the correct form  to do a pushup I would like to show you what many people do the wrong form of pushups

incorrect form of pushups
incorrect form of pushups

Now I’m going to introduce the basic movement and give you two options to make it a little bit easier if that standard option is a little bit too difficult.

So we’re gonna start on the floor. Your hands are going to be about shoulder width apart. Your elbows are going to be facing back. You come down into our plank position: so think one line from shoulder to heel. Your elbows drive back, your chest touches the floor and you stand.

Note: One thing I want you to focus on again when you lower yourself as well as what you press: those elbows come back and forward. Keep them as tight to your sides as you can.

how to do a pushups the correct form
how to do a pushups the correct form

Now if that’s a little bit too difficult, you can perform the same movement but from your knees.

Knee-Push-Ups how to do pushups


The easiest way to get there is hands shoulder-width apart, start in that plank position nice and tight from shoulder to ankle, drop to your knees, drop down and back. Aside from pressing from your knees, nothing changes.

Now if that’s a little bit too difficult you can also grab a chair or even the wall will work and come from that plank position, elbows drive back and press up.

chair pushups
chair pushups

Good luck with your pushups exercises!


Benefits of pushups every day? perfect push up form

The push-up is an amazing exercise that offers a ton of great benefits on performing daily pushups including:

1. It’s a Good Full Body Workout

2. Helps Create Balance and Stability

3. Helps Build Muscle Density

4. Upper Body Definition

5. A Strong Core