What is Keto diet | Benefits of Keto diet for Bodybuilding

what is kito diet benefits of kitogenic diet plan
what is kito diet benefits of kitogenic diet plan

Hi Guys, Welcome to Your Gym Guides,  In this article we will check out 6 benefits of following keto diet plan for bodybuilding.

So let’s begin

What is keto diet ?

Wikipedia say, In Ketogenic deit plan is avery high-fat, and normal protein, and low-carbs, This diet plan will help & force your body to burn more amount of fat instead of carbs.

Benefits of following healthy diet

This kito diet plan will boost your Metabolic level, it decrease carbohydrate intake in your body and replace it with fat ( note : here fat is good source of fat ),

Thus decrease in carbs intake will put body to boost your metabolic state and its called as Ketosis.

When this process of boosting metabolism start, your body automatically start burning fat because it needs energy, it is also said in research that  when this happens, it also turns fat in ketones in liver, which will help your body in supplying good amount of energy to your brain.

Ketogenic diets is very useful for have high sugar level and insulin level is also high, in it help them in reducting the blood sugar level and help then in becoming healthly day by day.

Note: Nothing happens in one day, Keep patience and follow diet plan regularly.

Food to eat while you in keto diet

  • Poultry : turkey and chicken is best.
  • Eggs : Whole eggs would be best choice, because  they are high in protein and fat.
  • Fatty fish : fish fat are known to be good source of fat.
  • dairy products : butter, milk, yogurt.
  • Nuts and seeds : consume all kinds of nuts, because nuts have good nutrition and also good source of fat nutrition.

Food to avoid in keto diet

  • Baked food : like white break, cookies and doughnuts.
  • Remove sweet item from diet: Sugar should be avoided, and all sugar products like coke and soft drinks.
  • Noodles : Please avoid noodles and paste, because most of them are made using maida, and as you know that maida don’t have any nutrient in it.