Abs Workout – 30 minute abs workout with body weight


Hi Guys Welcome to Your  Gym Guides, In this blog post we will check out 5 abs exercises that will give you a insane abs that to workout out for 20-30 min with your body weight.

Abs workout is the best exercises to transform your middle section into a hard looking six pack abs.

If you start working hard at your gym and follow a healthy diet plan, then you can easily achieve a super abs in just a 1-2 month.

Unfortunately, that’s not normally how things go.
There are 4 section of abs you need to target during the workout section, i.e. Upper abs, Middle abs and lower abs, The upper abs are the one one that need to be shown first, and is the most common core exercises like crunches can easily hit the lower abs and upper abs.

Firstly, in order for your abdominal muscles to become visible is for you to drop your body fat percentage to at least 9-12% for men, and 15-18% for women.

So let’s start with the exercises

Abs Workout

Hanging knee twist:

Hanging leg raise:

In this workout you just need to hang on the handing rod and just lift your leg up and down and so on.

body weight leg raise abs core development
body weight leg raise abs core development

Sets:Reps: 15 Rest: 60sec

How to:

  • Just hang on a pull up bar at gym or at home.
  • keep you legs straight
  • now lift your legs up to chest, bring it down ( this is rep 1)
  • then repeat it for 15 reps

Alternating leg raise:

arnold bent leg raise

Sets:Reps: 15 Rest: 60sec

How to:

  • Start the leg raise by lie on the back, palm facing downwords.
  • Bring your youu knees up to your face chin and take it back again
  • then repeat it for 15 reps

Start the bent leg raise exericise by lie on your back, palms facing downwords, Bend your knees so that both of your legs makes a 90 degree angles, Bring your chin up to your chest and curls up. Extend your legs until they’re are completely straight, then come back to your starting position as shown by Arnold Sir in above image. this  exercies will also hit the abdominal muscles, Do this leg raise exercise of 3 sets of 25 reps each set.

Bicycle Crunches  abs core workout

bicycle_crunches 6 packs abs workouts exercises

Sets:Reps: 15 Rest: 60sec

How to:

  • Ly down facing upwords
  • keep you legs  slight up as shown in above image.
  • and lift your leg upto chest (assume as you are are cycling)
  • then repeat it for 15 reps

One Superman plank:

one arm superman plank abs trainning

Sets:Reps: 15 Rest: 60sec

How to do one arm super man plank

  • Start with a plank position
  • and lift your alertnative hand and legs a shown in above image
    Eg: if you lift right hand then lift you left leg and like wise lift left hand and lift right leg
  • do this for complete 15 reps

Side Press :

kettle bells side abs press
kettle bells side abs press

Sets:Reps: 15 Rest: 60sec

How to Side Press with kettlebell:

  • Start with the kettlebell at shoulder height.
  • Brace your core and lower your torso to one side while simultaneously straightening your arm.
  • Aim to keep the kettlebell in place so that it barely moves – instead, your body should move away from it.
  • From there, reverse the move back to the start.