How to remove excess fat from the body?

How to remove excess fat from the body?πŸ₯—πŸ₯—

The individual should be able to control the excess of his/her body fat. So if you don’t have any idea that How you reduce the weight loss?

Firstly, here are some tips for you to stay healthy and slim-trim to enjoy your time with your family.

We go through the three main courses of eating time period every day to lose some weight.

1. For Breakfast –

Try to eat healthy like – fruits, drink milk or juice, Dry Fruits to improve your metabolism. Health and fitness will help you to prevent from diseases and satisfactory health resulting in health care.

2. For Lunch –

Every person should eat healthily and drink purified water. For Lunch light lunch should be taken for a healthy diet. Eat two chapatis with vegetable, a little amount of curd or salad of green vegetables. Drink lemon juice.

3. For Dinner –

Dinner is opposite to Lunch. Eat a salad, one chapati with vegetables.

Make sure you follow all the instructions and do maintain your own health care. Thank you for reading😊.


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