gym etiquette | 10 gym rules you must know

gym etiquette | 10 gym rules you must know

We’ve rounded up our top sources on the big do’s and don’ts of the gym world and we’ve come up with an essential list to make the gym a happy environment for everyone to be in and feel at home!

10 Gym Rules you must know | Gym etiquette

  1. You don’t talk about Lifting.
  2. Sending text message in the gym won’t help you in building muscles.
  3. Don’t scream at your first Rep, if you’re about yo do 10 more.
  4. Whatever a gym bro tell you is 10% Facts- 100%is Bro science.
  5. Come in the gym with a goal. A Fitness Goal, Not the desire to get Laid.
  6. Rerack your weights, Nobody will do it for you.
  7. Don’t Leave your sweat on the bench.
  8. You Don’t Stop your set when you’re tired. you stop it when you’re done!
  9. Come in the Gym to exercise,Talking is not an exercise.
  10. Go Hard or Go Home.