The biggest problem with BUILD MUSCLE is that it can take a really long time. There are, however, certain ways you may be able to accelerate the process. Use the tips below to make sure you are approaching the muscle building process correctly, and ensure that you are able to pack on more size as quickly as possible.

Check out the tips below to speed up your muscle growth!

1. Eat, Eat, Eat to build muscles

eat eat eat high nutritional food -min
eat eat eat high nutritional food -min

Eating good amount of nutritions food with high amount of protein in it will really help you in building muscles, so keep in mind 30% of workout and 70% of high nutritional food is the best practice to build muscles faster.

2. Heavy & Light to build muscles

left heavy weight
left heavy weight

When you train using higher reps, you use aerobic energy more than when training with lower reps,Using higher reps is really good if you train for any kind of endurance sport.

if you want to work on one specific part of your body, for instance, your butt, lifting heavier weights can get you the results you’re looking for. Depending on your goal, you should choose a heavier load on exercises that target the body part you want to strengthen or sculpt.

3. Sleep to build muscles

how much time should i sleep after gym for better recovery

Sleeping for 7-9 hours per night is crucial, especially if you are looking to change body composition, increase BUILD MUSCLE  mass and/or if you want to be ready for your personal training session the next day. Sleep enhances muscle recovery through protein synthesis and human growth hormone release.

4. Supplements

best supplements for crossfit Athletes
best supplements for crossfit Athletes

I recommend certain supplements because they can help you fill gaps in your nutrition and take your body to the next level, where food alone can’t get you.

You should always focus on whole food first, but once you are maxed out with the food you can eat, or if your schedule doesn’t let you eat a regular meal at certain times of the day, supplements can be a great help.

5. Relieve Stress

fidget spinner to Relieve Stress
fidget spinner to Relieve Stress

Relieve Stress is the main reason my peoples are not able to build muscles.This is obviously not good if your goal is to build muscle. Therefore, find ways to relieve stress and relax now and then to help lower your body’s stress levels. Whether it’s going to the beach, watching a movie, reading a book, going for a walk, etc, find what works for you and add it to your regular routine.

6. Without Plan bodybuilding is not possible

without pain bodybuilding is impossible
without pain bodybuilding is impossible

Having a plan is something a lot of people talk about and very few people actually do. Without a plan your odds of building muscle are extremely low, and whatever you do put on will be happen slowly.

Your body will stop when it gets tired if there is no set goal. If you do have a set number in mind, you’ll be more likely to push through even when you get tired because you have a clear goal to hit.

7. Get A Gym Partner

workout gym partner
workout gym partner

There are more ways than ever before to find a training partner. Of course, you can ask at your own gym. The people who run the desk may know of someone who’s looking to pair up, or might be open to it; they may also have a bulletin board you could post a notice on, or a Facebook page where you could post a request.

8. Don’t Neglect Cardio

does cardio burn muscle
does cardio burn muscle ? yes it burn some muscles .. so recommend to do cardio one day in a week

You don’t need ‘cardio‘ to have a healthy heart. … So the harder your muscles work, and the more muscles you work, the harder your heart and lungs work. Your muscles run your heart, not the other way around. It really does not matter what you do with your muscles — if enough of them work hard enough you’re doing “cardio.

9. Hire A Coach

Hire a gym coach
Hire a gym coach

So a role of a trainer is to help in planning for making the goal a reality with a suitable fitness regime, short term steps, nutrition and then be there to follow up, support and motivate this person during the journey. Another quite popular reason for hiring a fitness coach is to have a training buddy.

10. Wrapping Up

The true patience mentality will allow you to understand building muscle is a long process, but it doesn’t stop you from going all out everyday. Instead, being patient is just a mechanism to ensure you don’t quit prematurely, because if you do you’ll surely never get where you want to go.