How to Get Insane Legs workout Without Equipment


Get Insane legs through this no equipment bodyweight legs exercises. Legs workout Without Equipment

You try to work out. But don’t have the time. Let alone to do an intense leg workout.

One of the great option to gain strength and size in your legs is just with your bodyweight leg workout.

Here’s the Leg Workout Overview that can give you insane legs shape

This insane leg workout has been split into two parts Legs workout Without Equipment

Part A leg workout

A1: Glute Bridges (10-15 reps)

A2: Drop Squats (6-10 reps)

A3: Calf Raises (6-10 reps (each leg))

Rest (60-90 seconds) And Repeat A1-A3 (3-5 Rounds)

Part B leg workout

B1: Split Squat (8-15 reps) (2-second pause)

B2: Knee Get Ups (6-10 reps)

B3: Quick Lungs 6-10 reps (each leg)

Rest (60-90 seconds) And Repeat B1-B3 (3-5 Rounds)

So let us begin with the legs workout part A Legs  Without Equipment

Part A

A1: Glute Bridges (10-15 reps)


Target: Glutes and Hamstrings

Step 1: Lie down on your back, with your feet flat on the ground and your knee bent.

Have your hands on your side with your palms down.

Step 2: Lift your hips up until your shoulder, hips, and thighs form a straight line with your legs. 

Next, squeeze your glutes and keep your core in so you don’t overextend your back.

Step 3: Finally, hold the bridge position for a couple of seconds before bringing it back down to rest position.



Max Glute Contraction:

Hold the Bridge for 30 seconds or more. Hold it until failure.

It will really work the leg muscles if you hold the static position!


A2: Drop Squat (10 reps)


Target: Glutes, Hamstrings, Quads

Step 1: Stand straight up with your feet forwards and shoulder-width apart.

Step 2: Bend your knees, push your hips back behind your legs.

And lower your body as far as you can while keeping your torso straight as much as you can.

Step 3: Quickly move your body back to your original starting position. (That is one rep)

goblet squat even help a lot in getting rid of man boobs
goblet squat even help a lot in getting rid of man boobs


MAX Contraction:

Hold the position at the bottom for a few seconds instead of going straight back up.


A3: Calf Raises (6-10 reps) (each leg)


Target: Calves

Step 1: Stand on a set of stairs with your heels hanging off with the balls of your feet only on the stairs.

Step 2: Let your bodyweight bend all the way down the full stretch.

Step 3: Contract your calves and bring your body as high as you can and hold the position for 2 seconds.

Step 4: Bring back down to the starting position. (That is one rep)

calf muscles exercises
calf muscles exercises

MAX Contraction:

Flex your calves off the stairs and hold the position for 30+ secs


Do A1-A3 with no rest between exercises

After A3 rest 2 minutes Repeat 3-4 total rounds

So let us begin with the legs workout part B  Without Equipment

Part B

B1: Split Squat (8-15 reps) (2-second pause) (each leg)


Target: Quads

Step 1: Position yourself in a staggered position with your rear foot elevated on a chair/staircase

And your front foot forward.

Step 2: Hold your posture and chest up.

Flex your knee and hips to activate the descend of your back leg.

Keep your front knee in line with your foot but don’t overextend it past your foot.

Step 3: At the bottom of the motion, hold the position for 2 seconds.

Make sure the back knee is about an inch or 2 off the ground.

Step 4: Drive the knee to extend the leg to bring the movement back to the starting position.

legs workouts
Split Squat

MAX Contraction:

Hold the bottom position for 20 seconds or so. Add more seconds.

Or do Quick Split Legs where you have no hold time at the bottom of the motion

And you move as fast as you can but in a controlled manner.


B2: Knee Get Ups (6-10 reps)


Target: Glutes and Quads

Step 1: Start with kneeling on your knees with your body upright.

Step 2: Drive your arms and knees up and while bring your chest forward simultaneously.

Step 3: Land on the heels of your feet in a squat position and drive your body up to a standing position.

This position should be done very fast to create the momentum to perform the leg exercise.

Legs workout Without Equipment


B3: Quick Lungs (6-10 reps) (each leg)


Target: Quads

Step 1: In a standing position, extend one foot out in front of you.

Hold the opposite hand out to make sure your body is balanced.

Step 2: Move your body down while keeping your torso upright.

Make sure your knee stays over your foot and doesn’t extend far past it.

Step 3: At the bottom position, extend your legs to move back to the starting position.


Do B1-B3 with no rest between exercises

After B3 rest 2 minutes 

Repeat 3-4 total rounds


Workout Summary  Legs workout Without Equipment

A1: Glute Bridges (10-15 reps)

A2: Drop Squats (6-10 reps)

A3: Calf Raises (6-10 reps) (each leg)

Rest 2 minutes and Repeat A1-A3 (3-5 Rounds)


B1: Split Squat (8-15 reps) (2-second pause)

B2: Knee Get Ups (6-10 reps)

B3: Quick Lungs (6-10 reps) (each leg)

Rest 2 minutes and Repeat B1-B3 (3-5 Rounds)


There you gp!

A complete leg workout you can do on the go!

Make sure to warm up your lower body before any type of lower body exercises.