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How to gain muscles faster

How to Gain muscles mass ? 3 Rules to muscle gain faster

When you want to gain both weight and muscle mass, you will need to make dietary and exercise changes to help you reach your long-term goals. Choosing healthier foods and performing the right types of exercises can help you gain weight safely and build more lean muscle mass. You do not want to gain an unhealthy amount of weight or use unhealthy foods to help support your weight gain. Having the right combination of calories and exercise will help you gain weight safely and build muscle mass.

How to gain muscles? you need to follow 3 rules from now.

1. EAT MORE to gain Muscles.

which food contains the most protein
which food contains the most protein

You need to consume food that is high in nutrition. I Recommend

30% of PROTEIN | 50% CARBS | and 20% of FATS.

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Carbohydrates are attending to be what provides your body with all the energy that’s needed to not solely perform the method of muscle building itself,  however conjointly to perform those arduous workouts within the athletic facility.

healthy fat food to get a lean body.

2. LIFT HEAVY to Gain Muscles.

Dumbell Bench press too heavy weight
Don’t lift to Heavy Dumbell Bench press ( don’t cross your limits

Add weight each week to exercises.

Focus on compound lifts

what is a compound lift?

Compound lifts are any strengthening exercises where you’re using more than one muscle group at the same time. They include exercises such as squats and deadlifts, and there are plenty of benefits to be had from doing them: They’re efficient – by working in several areas at once, you can save time.

5-8 exercises per workout.

Slow and fast Reps.

How to Lift Weights to gain Build Muscle –  Very Important Breathing

Breathing is one of the most important tips on how to lift weights to build muscle and can make your workouts so much better. Let’s take the bench press as an example; when you pull the bar down, inhale and when you push it upwards, exhale.

You will be surprised to notice how this technique on how to lift weights to gain build muscle can make an epic difference in all your workouts.

3.RECOVER to Gain Muscles.

Sleep 8 hours a night.

get enough rest common gym mistakes
Resting is very much important , Because all your broken muscles get repaired when you get better quality rest /sleep

Drink 3-5 liter of water per day to recover muscles faster.

Rest 1-2 Days per week.

Do a full-body Muscles on Rest days, this will improve blood flow in the body.

4. Train full-body to Gain Muscles

full body workout

Keep balance by full body workout, Rather than just focusing on legs or arms, make sure your training routine incorporates all of your muscle groups. For example: abs, back, shoulders, glutes, etc. This way, you will gain muscle across the body, ensuring strength is distributed evenly. Customise your training programme to suit you, but we recommend you group muscles you’ll focus on together, such as back and biceps, to make sure your training regime stays on track. Learn more about which muscles to focus on when working out for all-over muscle gain here, including sample training regimes.