Deadlift Grip – which grip is better for perfect deadLift?

Deadlift grip
which grip is better for perfect deadLift

Deadlift is one of the best deadlift exercise form you can do to build up your strength and  size,they literally work almost every single muscles in the body, you should really consider doing deadlift Grip exercise,if you don’t already started.

Even if you are new ,you would have known about this extremely common deadlift exercise’s performed by bodybuilders or any average bodybuilder trainer.

you understand that dead lifting , is one of he most do exercise to get closer to looking in better body shape. deadlift also increase boost your testoserone level.

The Sumo Deadlift exercise perfect form variation

Which Deadlift Grip is better for perfect deadlift?

The two grips commonly used for deadlifts are the overhand grip and the mixed grip. there’s heaps of difference of opinion within the fitness community relating to which sort of is better holding. many of us can naturally grip a deadlift barbell using an overhand grip, with each palms facing toward their body.

Which Deadlift Grip is better ?

  1. Overhand Grip.
  2. Mixed Grip.

deadlift grip

1. OverHand Grip

An overhand grip is when you hold onto a bar with your palms facing toward your body. This is also called a pronated grip. In overhand grip hand position on the deadlift bar will be pronated, Means both the hand will be hold in pronated form.

Overhead Grip

  • Decrease the risk of biceps tear
  • Their is proper balance when you hold Overhand( No Imbalance (symmetrical)).
  • If you hold bar overHand grip then deadlift can’t be done with heavy weight.
  • Grip may will out of control if you hold overhand grip when you on heavy weight.

2. Mixed Grip

An underhand grip is also called a supinated grip or a reverse grip.

As the name suggests, a mixed grip involves gripping the bar with one palm facing toward you (overhand) and the other one facing away from you (underhand). The mixed grip is mostly used for the deadlift.

Mixed Grip or Reverse Grip

  • You will be able to easily lift heavier deadlift weight.
  • mixed grip will give you stronger hold to bar.
  • But Increase risk of biceps tear.
  • Can create an imbalance in holding deadlift bar.