how to improve pull ups for beginners ? 5 Tips Improve Your Pull Up Power

how to improve pull ups for beginners ? 5 Tips Improve Your Pull Up Powew
how to improve pull ups for beginners ? 5 Tips Improve Your Pull Up Power

Hi Guys welcome to Your Gym Guides, In this Blog Post we gonna Discuss 5 ways that can improve pull ups for beginners.

Many people out there, When they Talk about upper Body workout, They usually Forget to Mention about pull ups.

It’s so important that people literally call it the upper body squat, which is by far the most effective upper back developing exercise.

Pull up is the only one exercises that can achieve the maximum possible neuromusclar activation when you perform pushup, where is we take any other exercise which don’t have the effect on your back. Pushup exercise will make your back stronger.

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when you look at the numbers you will see that most people, men and women, can’t even do a single pull-up, since you can only do them if you’re strong.

1. Technique and Form Matter

When it comes for pull-up exercises Technique and Form matter a lot, you need to get the technique straignt in order to learn the pull up technique.

you should start from the dead hang, where you just need to hang in pullup bar where your shoulder are close to your ears and your arms are completly straight.

2. Resistance Bands

When i gym for my workout i see people simply trying to do pull-up but they are not able to do. usually many may not be able to do more than one rep, While this doesn’t mean that I’m saying that you should use any assisted pull-up machines, I am saying that you should get some resistance bands.

Resistance Bands are very useful for people who can’t even do a single pull ups, this band will lift the person little bit upwords. adding momentum to the upward movement of the pull-up.

3. Grip Variation

When it comes with pull-up exercises, all depends on how to hold your grip while you pull-up.

many people are not able to do even single pull-ups because there Pull-up grip is completly immbalanced.

Your back has a lot of muscles, and they are all differently activated. However, when you switch up your grip, you can activate as many of them as possible,

The pronated grip has your palms facing away from you, but you can also use a supinated grip to do chin-ups, which will have your palms facing towards you. When using a supinated grip, the area on your upper back which has been targeted will be changed and the intensity will also transfer on the biceps brachii

4. Functional Strength

Building your Fucntional Strength, if you want to be able to do pull-ups with more number of reps, that you need to learn to work harder, This mean that you are trying to become stronger then before.

I suggest you start with three to six seconds of descending and increase that time as you continue your workouts.
When you can do at least six eccentric pull-ups with decent control over your body, you should now be able to do a full pull-up by yourself!

5. Rep Range Variation

To build endurance, get some resistance bands and exercise with 10-15 reps per set. , you can achieve results and increase your rep numbers with incredible speed.


These 5 Tips on building pull-up power will sure help you to do more Reps in Pull-Ups, you just need to e consistency and you will be able to do the great Pull-Ups.