Top 10 Bodybuilding Training workout Tips

bodybuilding workout s 10 top tips workouts
bodybuilding workout s 10 top tips workouts

In this Blog / article let’s know about bodybuilding workout, this habit will help you in build body

Top 10 Bodybuilding Training workout Tips

List of Bodybuilding workout tips

  1. Train to muscle Failure
  2. Train Intense
  3. Lift Heavy and Intense
  4. Shorted Intense workout
  5. Range of Motion
  6. keep Nutrition diet plan
  7. Low Cardio exercise
  8. Taking advice
  9. Rest
  10. Patience

Bodybuilding workout tips

1. Train to muscle Failure :

One of the biggest mistakes I see being made in the gym is when certain individuals will end a set of an exercise just because an arbitrary number of repetitions has been completed. This will do very little to stimulate muscle growth.

A set should be terminated only when your muscles have been forced / when you muscles can’t handle 1 more reps

2. Train Intense :

Training intensely is the key to stimulating muscle growth but don’t mistake volume for intensity. All too often, people trying to achieve a higher level of intensity in their training make the mistake of assuming that increasing volume and duration are effective methods of boosting training intensity. Let me make this perfectly clear. Volume and frequency have absolutely nothing to do with intensity! High volume training sessions can actually be counter-productive. So how do you effectively increase intensity? A. By progressively increasing the amount of weight that you use. B. By progressively decreasing the amount of time it takes you to perform a particular amount of work. (For example, I have made some of my best muscle gains from workouts that lasted no longer than 30 minutes.) C. By working your muscles at the capacity of nothing less than 100% on every set.

3. Lift Heavy and Intense

Always try to lift heavy weight  to get maximum result ad quick gain in you body muscles.

always select 2kg more weight dumbbell eg : if you normally lift weight is 10 kg or more just add 2 more to it.

Training with sub-maximal weights and low intensity will be easy and unproductive. Training with maximal weights and high intensity will be difficult but highly productive.

4. Shorter Intense Workouts

If it’s taking you several hours to get through a workout then you’re wasting your time. I suggest never allowing any lifting session to exceed 45 minutes in duration.

try to train you muscles part in less then 60 minutes , never train yourself in gym for bodybuilding for more then 60 minutes in workouts.

5. Range of Motion

A muscle has 3 levels of strength:

  • positive (raising the weight)
  • static (holding the weight)
  • and negative (lowering the weight).

All 3 of these aspects of any exercise must be focused on in order to stimulate maximum muscle growth. In other words, don’t throw weight through a range of motion just to get the weight from point A to point B. If you throw, you won’t grow.

6. Keep Nutrition diet plan

Nutrition is important but I find that most people over-obsess about their diets. I hear people fretting over stuff like; Should I eat a chicken breast, or a fillet of salmon? A handful of almonds, or a teaspoon of peanut butter? Broccoli, or spinach? brown rice, or yams? A half cup of yogurt, or a half cup of cottage cheese? High carb, or low carb?

I recommend eat very thing keep habit of eating some food every 2 hours but one think just keep away from fast food

and don’t forget to drink lot’s of water ( 3 to 5 letter a day )

7. Low Cardio Intensity exercises

During Cardio workout you lose lot’s of carbs which are required in bodybuilding and gain some muscles.

cardio exercise is best exercise in losing some fat from body but doing cardio it also reduce some of muscles from you body, so i recommend you to low cardio exercise if you want to gain muscles.

8. Taking Advice

Be very careful who you take advice from! Just because someone runs their mouth virtually non-stop and appears to sound confident in the words they are saying doesn’t mean that they are an expert! if they are taking steroids but you are not, what works for them will not work for you. ( but i advice never go for steroids )  because it short time happiness.

9. Rest

After a muscle has been stressed sufficiently with high intensity training, you must not train that muscle again too soon , so you need to  allow enough recovery time for growth to take place .

10. Patience

Be patient! Too many people want it all right now so they become frustrated if they haven’t built their dream body within a few months of training. When such a point is reached, many bodybuilders either quit all together, or turn to dangerous drugs such as steroids, or synthetic hormones in order to speed up the process. Steroids are insidious. They may produce rapid gains in the short term, but for a longer time steroid may damage some parts in you body and may cause to death .

So be patient in your bodybuilding workout it  takes time but definitely gives result to you in natural way .


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This are the top 10 list of bodybuilding workout training tips