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How to lose weight ? 10 Simple Habits to Lose Weight Naturally

How to lose weight ?10 Simple Habits to Lose Weight Naturally

Weight lose doesnt have to be stressfull or complicated, all you have to do is build simple habit to see the weight come off.

Here are 10 weight lose tips to achieve your dream body in no time.

10. Make Use of Blue Colors 

One recent study has shown that the color blue decreases appetile, so try some changes like  decorating your room with blue,blue napkin,blue plates,blue glass. This tricks is called psychology of colors and same color actually stimulate your appleties. Blue will do opposite for you.

blue room

9. Be More Optimistic

Every positive thought matters. The idea is to focus only on good thought,and repeat your goals as if they were your mantra. for example : – ” I LOST HALF A POUND!” That’s great “Slowly but surely!” , I CAN EAT ONLY THE PORTION I TOOK” ,” I CAN SAY NO TO DESSERT”

Such optimistic Phrases will help you achieve your goal very fast.

8. Only 30 minutes of exercising is Enough

A healthy diet plan does help you lose weight,but it’s critical to combine good nutrition with some physical exercise.

Even low-risk activities such as walking will be beneficial.

Good news ! Researches at the university of Copenhagen,Denmark have found : that Exercersing for 30 minutes per day helps you lose 25% of more weight than going for a full 1 hour.

7. Eat Slowly and Eat alone.

In this fast- paced World,fast Eating has become a bad habit. Ironically enough, it reduces the feeling of sotiety and leading to overeating.

When your brain register that your stomock is full, you’ve allready eaten much more that your body needs. When you are eating out always choose the smallest portion, take you time to read menu.

Even if it a place where they sell hand burger and other unhealthy food,choose the smallest portion Eg : light salad.

6. Avoid Eating in front of your computer or TV

Food Ads, Especially junk food adsm increase our appetile and make  us over eat, also when we eat in front of computer or tv, we don’t pay proper attention to our food.

therefore, we are now aware of how much we’ve eaten. Instead you try to eat in front of mirror, That eatinf while lookig at yourself in the mirror reduce the amount of food you eat to one-third.

fat eating


5. Don’t stay in heat room

According to research publisher in the journal obesity reviews, There is link between reduced exposure to seasonal cold and increase in obesity in th UK,US,and other developed countries.

When we’re exposed to cold, our skeletal muscle contract to generate heat, i.e Burning extra calories in the process, this process will burn you body fats.

4. Reading Food Nutritional Labels

The Nutritional fact food Label can be very usefull in helping you make healthy choices and lose weight.

The people who read food label on regular basic are more likely to lose weight.

3. Eat more Yogurt and Nuts

According to Research conducted at Harvard School of Public Health , Eating yogurt and nuts is more effective in long run for weight Lose then eating fruits and vegetables.

People who eat nuts on daily base are 25% less likely to have wider waistline.

You’re Probably thinking , ‘ that’s crazy ! ‘ All kinds of nuts are full of fat and calories , dietory fiber and Healthy monoUnsaturated and polyUnsaturated fatty acids.

2. Add some Hot Peppers and Spices to your Diet

Consuming chillies and other hot peppers also helps to make the pounds fly of sinse they accelerate your “Metabolism” . Also Cayena pepper reduces appetile and burn calories faster , according to research from purdue University.

1. Drink Plenty of water

You Should Stay Well Hydrated every day , make it a habit of drinking a glass of water every hour,and make habit of drinking water early in the morning on an empty stomack and a glass of water before going to sleep. This Trick keep your body hydrated generate satiety ,and speed up your metabolism. all of which help you in losing some weight.

drinking water