is it safe to go to gym now? during Coronavirus | COVID-19

is it safe to go to gym

Hi Guys, Welcome to Your Gym Guides, In this Article we will discuss weather its safe to go to gym during coronavirus.

Is it safe to go to gym now? during Coronavirus | COVID-19

Going Exercises is a best practice for a good physical and mental health, but now due to coronavirus many Gym Lover are not able to go do gym in lockdown period, and we have heard that gym are going to be reopened in some countries, is it safe to go to the gym?. I would recommend not to go to gym so soon because covid 19 cases are been increasing day by day, and doing gym workout exercise by going to gym where many other people gather then could be more chances of getting infected easily.

How to stop spreading coronavirus?

Here are some Tips to follow of you are going to gym to workout

Take your own risk

On teams of current situation and medical condition, there is no proper vaccine available, and your are one of them who gets infected easily( low immune system ) then its save for you to workout at home through your bodyweight or do yoga.

The People with age 65+ are at higher risk of getting infected, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Some people who are has diabetes, heart or lung disease are highly recommended to stay a home.

Find alternative way alternative way for working out 

Gym is not the only place wher you can perform perfect workout, Gym workout can also be do at house,

You can Create your own Dumbells and barbells  with cement.

Here is a video

Pay attention to air flow

Go to gym only if your gym has open windows that can take out all the people body heat outside the window.

Make sure your gym have more open space so that you can keep social distance from the people in the gym.

Don’t talk or touch any people in the gym, becz if in chance if the person is infected and his breath touches you, then there are many chances of getting infected.

Should I wear a mask in GYM?

Many people say it’s is best to keep wearing mask whenever you go out for shoping or market and as much as posible in the gym, but of course while doing exercises it is not possible to keep wearing mask continously as it will hold you breathing and is is difficult to keep the mask on.

And while many gyms recommend masks, most don’t require them.

So due to breathing problem, i recommend not to go to gym as it is completly not safe to keep wearing mask during your workout.