kettlebell abs – Five abs Core Burning Exercises using kettlebell

abs workout with kettlebell for core six packs abs
abs workout with kettlebell for core six packs abs

kettlebell abs training with your Body-weight moves are great for development of abdominal size and strength – but if you want your six packs abs  a rock-solid .One of the most effective tools is to make use of  kettle bell.

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For more abs workout Click here  5 exercise for six packs abs  So let’s continue with our today’s topic.

kettlebell abs – Five abs Core Burning Exercises

Kettlebells are very important in your abs training, else it will be like you are missing a trick to get super core abs.

The moves in this workout will help you develop your anti-rotation abilities, which enable you to resist being pulled out of position. They will also give you a comprehensive abs and core workout, targeting your rectus abdominis (the sheet of muscle that makes up your six-pack), side abs and lower back.

1. Rolling Thunder:

kettlebell abs rolling thunder

How to Rolling Thunder with kettlebell


  • Lie on your back and hold a kettlebell in each hand by your chest.
  • Straighten one arm and push upwards so your shoulder leaves the floor and you twist your torso.
  • As you lower that kettlebell, extend the other arm to create a smooth rhythm.

2. Windmill:

kettlebelsl abs windmill exercises

How to  Windmill with kettlebell for abs:

  • Start with the weight above your head and your feet wider than shoulder-width apart.
  • Your weight distribution should be biased towards the side that’s holding the bell.
  • Look at the bell and, keeping your eyes on it, lower your torso until your hand touches the floor.

3. Side Press :

kettle bells side abs press

How to Side Press with kettlebell:

  • Start with the kettlebell at shoulder height.
  • Brace your core and lower your torso to one side while simultaneously straightening your arm.
  • Aim to keep the kettlebell in place so that it barely moves – instead, your body should move away from it.
  • From there, reverse the move back to the start.

4. Angel Press:


How to Angel Press with kettlebell for coree abs :

  • Start by sitting down with your knees bent, holding two kettlebells overhead.
  • Slowly lower towards the floor while bringing the kettlebells down to your chest.
  • Contract your abs to raise your torso while simultaneously extending your arms.

5. Plank Drag:


How to Plank drag with kettlebell for core abs :

  • Get into a straight-arm plank position with your body in a straight line from head to heels, with a kettlebell positioned on one side of your body.
  • Reach under your torso to drag the bell across to the other side.
  • Switch hands and repeat the move.