What’s perfect age to join gym / bodybuilding ?

perfect age to join gym bodybuilding

What’s perfect age to join gym / bodybuilding?

There is no ideal age for stepping into the sports or any other industry, you are never too young for anything, it is just about will power, body potential, and self interest. In case of sports, although it is necessary to start training at young age because our body is very flexible during youth, it easily adapts to changes around it, this rule applies to all sphere of life, early bird catches the worm. perfect age to join gym / bodybuilding

But in case of bodybuilding or fitness industry there is age limitations and the reason is quite simple, anyone can easily understand it.

perfect age to join gym bodybuilding

Bodybuilding is not about running or jumping.

it is all about lifting weights and for that you need to get physically and mentally mature.

  • Your mind should be prepared for it and
  • your bones should enough mature,
  • growth of your hormones should be good,
  • your should brainy to adapt to gym facts,
  • your muscles should be developed so that it can easily repaired.

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 You can start bodybuilding at the age of 15. but ,

At the age of 15 you can join gym as in this age, normal humans get enough mature physically also, they can easily understand and follow instructions said by gym instructor

but the problem comes here is that at this age you are involve in many activities like studies, sports, spending time with siblings, etc so it is very tough to manage properly the time . So I suggest you Do not to step into the gym before completing your schooling. perfect age to join gym / bodybuilding

At what age does the best muscles growth start in the body ??

As i have seen so far whether in gym or on social media, people with the age between ” 20 – 30 ”   have a really  great growth in muscles and body size.  After 30-32 age   testosterone growth  starts decreases,  As testosterone growth decreases, muscle growth is also decreases.



  • You can start bodybuilding at the age of 15.(perfect age is 15  to join gym / bodybuilding)
  • I suggest you to start bodybuilding at age of 18 is perfect age to join gym bodybuilding
  • 20-30 is the perfect to get big and build muscles.
  • Testosterone growth increases during the age 20-30. and decreases from 32 onwords
  • After 30, muscles take more than 4 days to recover as testosterone growth falls.