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What Happens with your body when you workout?

Understanding how an intensive regular  workout can effect the body can be challenging as the results are not instant. The ‘What Happens With Your Body When You Workout’

The infographic chart will Explains You about How Intensive workout will reacts your body

What Happens with your body when you workout
What Happens with your body when you workout

The ‘What Happens With Your Body When You Workout?’ chart explains what happens at the level of the muscle when the body is exercising. For example according to the chart, when you workout the heart becomes stronger which will “increase the number of heart muscle fiber” that is being used during the workout.

What Happens with your body when you workout?



Contraction and movement produce tiny tears on muscles fiber. Regenerations of new tears make muscles bigger and stronger then before.


  • Increased number of heart muscles fibers.
  • Reduces the risk of heart attacks and other conditions related the sedentary Life.


Up to 24 Horus.After your  worout muscles will continue to burn glucose with lactic acid without the nedd of insulin.

You will see 60 % of reduced risk of diabetes in those who workout or practices sports regularly.

And Even may more benefits of daily intensive workout can be seen likes

burning Body Fat Percentage

Increases your concentration : daily intensive workut will also help you in improving your concentration in any of your works like studying, or in focusing on you projects.

Endorphins put you in a state of relaxation that last for hours.

what to eat and drink after workout ?

Many peoples ask me of facebook, and instagram that what should i eat and drink after workout.

so the answer is that you should eat food that contains lots of nutritional

For Example :

Banana : A banana at breakfast is a good way to set you up for the day. As you fast between dinner and breakfast, your levels of muscle muscle banana glycogen drop, writes dietitian Matthew Kadey on the Muscle Mag website. By eating a banana at breakfast, you help to top up your glycogen levels, putting a stop to muscle breakdown. Glycogen is your body’s main source of energy, and having it readily available prevents your body from breaking down proteins in muscle tissue to use for energy. Banana good for bodybuilding

Protein Rich Food  : Check out this to see food that contan high amount of proteins

which food contains the most protein  about five such things in which a good amount of protein is found.

And Atleast 3-4 liters of water.