Bodybuilding Tips That Personal Trainer Advice are Completely Wrong

5 Bodybuilding Tips That Personal Trainer Advice are Completely Wrong
5 Bodybuilding Tips That Personal Trainer Advice are Completely Wrong

If you’re working out chances are your gym bros have tried giving you all kinds of bodybuilding tips. Here are 5 workout tips that are totally wrong.

After working out more than 5 years of regular workouts, Here are the bodybuilding tips BIGGEST mistakes I made that held me back from achieving the results I wanted.

bodybuilding tips common mistake
bodybuilding tips common mistake

5 Bodybuilding Tips  Are Completely Wrong

I was quintessential “Skinny Fat” guy and struggled to make real progress. Caring for yourself while bodybuilding is one of the most important things you can do if you want a pain-free life, full of mobility.

bodubuilding tips that might be wrong
bodybuilding tips that might be wrong

Here are Common bodybuilding tips that you follow may be completely wrong in some cases.

1. Following ANYTHING Recommended by Professional Bodybuilders.

I understand that you want to look exactly like a [ Famous Bodybuilder], but I’m just going to be real with you. 99% of the professional bodybuilding community is full of crap.

They’ll recommend high rep workout sets that are only for individuals on a MASSIVE amount of steroids, and generally… Their advice simply isn’t based in science.

Sure… Their programs work. If you’re into injecting Anavar twice a day.

But for natural lifters who want to get good physiques without killing themselves, their advice is all but useless.

As such, I recommend completely ignoring anything you read in Muscle and Fitness or other bodybuilding magazines.  If your goal is just to be fit in your life

2. High Reps vs. Low Reps.

If a trainer tells you to do high repetitions with lower weights will get you cut then, now it’s time to find a new trainer. High repetitions with lower weights won’t do a lot for you other than burn calories and increase endurance. If you want to get cut, you need to lower your body fat percentage so your muscles can pop.

Here the same trainer will tell that low reps will you build your size. But the truth is to build muscle you need to progressively lift heavier.

3. Spending lots of  Money on  Supplements Instead of Things that Get Results.

When I started bodybuilding, My Personal trainer advised me to buys a supplement that will boost my energy and build my muscles, So spent money on ANYTHING that “ My Trainer promised me ” for good results…

After this went on for some time, I realized that I needed to learn what REALLY works and only focus on that thinks.

After Researching  I narrowed only 5 main supplements.

  1. Vitamin D3
  2. Omega 3 Fish/Krill Oil
  3. Magnesium
  4. Zinc & Copper
  5. Creatine

That was it…

4. Cardio Will Stop Muscle Growth

Let’s consider all health for a moment. With my Experience, Weight lifting will not keep your cardio vascular system in healthy.

twenty minutes a day of cardio will not do any damage to your muscle growth. In fact, cardio can help your quads and glutes grow. You can work your aerobic system and maintain or increase your muscle mass, you just need to do it on the right levels of intensity.

This is the worst bodybuilding tips all most all Gym trainer advice that Cardio will stop muscles growth.

5. Rest Between Sets

Many bodybuilding tips state that you should rest for at least two minutes between sets to let your muscles recover.

Supersets are great in terms of bodybuilding tips. the Superset workout will Not only will they save you time. Supersets will increase calorie burn.


Don’t be afraid of the right kind of cardio, restless during your time in the gym, understand rep counts and always try to do a little more than you did last time.

These bodybuilding tips are good ones. Pair these bodybuilding tips with great supplements and you’ve got yourself a recipe for success. You’ll be on your way towards the body you’ve always wanted before you know it.

When you’re ready to make informed decisions about what you need to take your workouts to the next level, contact us.