You are currently viewing 35 FREE TIPS TO SUCCEED at the gym and your fitness goals in 2020
35 FREE TIPS TO SUCCEED at the gym and your fitness goals in 2020

35 FREE TIPS TO SUCCEED at the gym and your fitness goals in 2020

Follow this free tips in 2020 if you really have any Fitness Goals in 2020.

35 FREE TIPS TO SUCCEED at the gym and your fitness goals in 2020 (WITHOUT A TRAINER)

Feel free to comment below anything that’s helped you succeed in the past too!!


Here are  35 Free Tips got Gym lovers to Achieve their Fitness Goals in 2020

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1. find a workout buddy or two to hold each other accountable

2. schedule training sessions like appointments that you can’t miss and develop a routine

3. cut our pop/juice

4. Cut out sugar/ switch to stevia or natural sweeteners

5. Cut out wheat and bread

6. Prep your meals (fail to prepare, then prepare to fail at nutrition) can’t out train a bad diet no matter how hard you work

7. Find a free class offered by your gym

8. Use a free trainer app on your phone

9. Use app that help with nutrition and to track macros

10. Cut out fast food

11. Write your goals out on paper

12. Read that paper with your goals every morning

13. Choose your circle of influence wisely with people who have similar goals

14. Google “healthy snack ideas” and stop eating the crap you did in 2017

15. Ask yourself if what you have done today has brought you closer to your goals for tomorrow, every night! Either continue to do the same thing the next day, or change it up if you haven’t moved forward. One day at a time.

16. Be consistent. It takes 6 months to build a Rolls Royce, and a day to build a Honda. Consistency day after day in 2018!!!!

17. Find your motivation and your reason why!

18. Never compare yourself to anyone. Each journey is unique and personal. Your only competition is you!

18. Reflect at your progress and remind yourself daily of how far you have come since you started.

19. Stop contemplating and step out of your comfort zone and into a gym. Any good gyms staff will make you feel comfortable, if they don’t, try another gym.

20. Take up physical activity and get off of the couch. Weight training and high intensity cardio is not for everyone. Go swimming, walking, skating, yoga, paint your house, what ever, start trying to be active.

21. Cut out one hour of tv each day and use thy hour to do some sort of physical activity

22. Take a half hour walk every day to clear your mind and get away from your desk on your lunch break at work

23. Take measurement and Dont always track progress on a scale. Gain 10lbs of muscle and lose 10lbs of fat and a scale will say you have made zero progress.

24. Take progress pics monthly and compare the improvements or take measurement. Watch and see how your pants fit, always an easy progress tracker!

25. Everyone makes errors, if you have a cheat or miss the gym, use it as motivation to come back stronger for the following week. One step back, seven steps forward anytime you hit a bump in the road!!

26. No such thing as a stupid question, only stupid assumptions. Ask someone the answer to any question you are not sure of. Ask me, ask a trainer at the gym, I’m always here to help and most trainers are too!

27. Limit your fruit intake, yes fruits are nutrient dense, but contain large amounts of natural sugar (still better than refined sugar) but too much can still be detrimental to your goals

28. I consume zero dairy, we are the only mammals on the planet that consumes another mammals breastmilk, dairy farmers have you believe it’s healthy, try almond or cashew milk, vanilla unsweetened is amazing

29. Set goals

30. Crush goals

31. Set new goals and always strive for self improvement.

32. Consumer 3L-4L of water daily

33. Increase your dark green vegetable intake

34. Use Vinaigrettes and not creamy salad dressing’s

35. Calorie free drinks, do not drink your calories unless it’s a protein shake or smoothie